Paul Talbot’s guide to surviving the work Christmas party!

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Aquarium fish expert Paul Talbot is no stranger to the problems you can create for yourself at a work Christmas party, after being taken off air for drinking too much at the 2GB radio Christmas party.

Just because the beer is free it does not mean you should drink as many as you can.

Paul Talbot spent a year of his life raising a considerable amount of money through sponsorship to for fill one of his lifelong dreams to have his own radio show on aquarium fish! He has dedicated his life to promoting the aquarium industry and saw it as a great way to share his uncontainable passion and knowledge with the world! His radio show ‘2GB Talking Pets’ had increased its rating by 12.5% and was the most listen to radio show for its time slot in Australia!

Towards the end of the first season Paul was invited to the network Christmas party where he started out having the night of his life! Due to the huge success of the show he was mingling with the management, was getting introduced to celebrities and was feeling truly on top of the world! Unfortunately he was too distracted to eat and enjoyed the environment and the beer too much, because he soon became intoxicated and acted the fool!

He said ‘all I remember is one minute I has having the time my life, the next minute I was in bed feeling sorry for myself with a text message saying I would not be required on the next show’.

Everyone can do silly things when they have too much to drink especially if they have not eaten and aren’t normally a big drinker! So here are 24 tips from Paul Talbot’s to keep you safe and employed over the holiday period!

1.    Just because the beer is free it does not mean you should drink as many as you can.

2.    Do not attempt the: I love you man hug on people you work with, save that for your mates!

3.    Rude stories and jokes are going to offend some people!

4.    If you are drinking make sure you eat before you go and if there is food on offer make a point to eat some.

5.    Drink water or a soft drink between each beer.

6.    Light beer is a great idea!

7.    Don’t mix drinks or start drinking drinks you are not familiar with.

8.    If there is drinking games going on, walk away even if it does seem like a good way to bond at the time!

9.    Don’t trust anyone that tells you that they like you because you make them look good!

10.    Do not fall for peer pressure! It got you in trouble as a kid and it will get you in trouble now! What seems like a good idea after 12 beers is unlikely to seem like such a good idea on Monday while you face the consequences!

11.    You also don’t want to be the boring one, so be social and focus on a balance of fun and conservatism.

12.    Pretend your mother is watching!

13.    It is not a buck’s party, so don’t act like it is! Treat it like a work function, because it is!

14.    Set yourself a limit and stick to it e.g. 6 beers total or 1 beer per hour.

15.    It is very smart to drive to a Christmas party; this will force you to behave yourself and will resist any temptations to drink too much.

16.    Always remember that leaving a good impression can help your position at work and a bad one can damage it.

17.    Don’t spend all your time with other drunken people, be sure to rotate your time around the room, this will make you less likely to copy bad behaviour.

18.    Don’t set out to be the life of the party, aim to have fun and get to know more people.

19.    Always honour the absent! – Don’t go talking behind any ones back because after too many drinks you are likely to say more than you should!

20.    Don’t talk about religion, politics or whinge.

21.    Treat everyone like they are your boss and give them the same respect you would if you were at work, especially with people you don’t know, because you never know who they are or who they know.

22.    Don’t be the first to arrive or the last to leave.

23.     If you bring drugs or accept them at a work Christmas party then you are stupid!

24.    A Christmas party is still a work function and you still represent your company, so don’t forget it or you may be reminded on Monday when you don’t have a job. Many companies will do anything to defend their good reputation and that may mean getting rid of you, no matter how unreplaceable you think you are!

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