Action Car Rental Increases Fleet in Response to Hurricane Sandy Demand

Local independent rental agency accommodates stranded citizens by offering affordable transportation options.

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It got to the point where we would often turn cars on in the lot in order to provide people with a warm place to wait. And yet, the situation never got tense. We all worked together.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 30, 2012

Action Car Rental, New York's leading independent car rental agency, has added 20 new vehicles to their rental fleet in order to better accommodate NYC citizens who have been left without transportation following last month's hurricane.

Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S. East Coast a month ago Thursday, leaving in its wake a wave of destruction. At least 48 people were killed in New York City, and damages totalled roughly $62 billion across the country. Currently, the City of New York is seeking $42 billion in federal aid, including about $9 billion for projects to help prevent similar damages from future storms.

"Transportation is absolutely critical to our city," explains Harry Hollander, President of Action Car Rental. "This has become even more apparent in the days and weeks following the storm. It's our job to ensure that our customers and the citizens of this city can remain mobile during the rebuilding period."

Action Car Rental was the only car rental company on the island who managed to stay open during every day of the storm. "Even though the working conditions were rough, (we literally worked by candlelight with no running water and no power for close to two weeks) we understood how important it was to keep our doors open." This commitment enabled the company to service 40 walk-in clients on the first day of the storm alone. "Since we had no power we had to process rentals manually. Everything was based on trust."

While other major car rental providers shut down in order to weather the storm, Action's employees banded together in order to better serve the Manhattan community. This included waiting in line for fuel, at times for as many as 11 hours. "We did what we thought was right."

While things haven't been easy, Hollander admits that he's been absolutely overwhelmed by the entire experience. "When things were at their worst people were forced to wait 45 minutes in order to process a rental," says Hollander. "It got to the point where we would often turn cars on in the lot in order to provide people with a warm place to wait. And yet, the situation never got tense. We all worked together."

Action Car Rental has been booked solid for the past month. This increased demand has led the company to increase their fleet by roughly 10%. New vehicle additions have included 20 new vehicles, including a number of new 2013 models.

At the end of the day, Hollander says he's "just glad we could be of service during this stressful situation."
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