A Luxury Gift Guide for the Undecided Gentleman SoffiaB - The Daphne Collection Luxury Robe Guide

SoffiaB are delighted to showcase their Daphne Collection as the ultimate gift for the Holiday Season. These luxurious robes are made with style and comfort in mind, using printed silk charmeuse, silk velvet accents and lined with ultra soft flannel offering women a silk luxury dressing gown that surpasses their everyday robe.

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Citron Pastis Luxury Robe

The ultimate gift for the undecided gentleman. A SoffiaB luxury robe.

Gifting can be a minefield” says Sophie Burkart, owner of SoffiaB “especially when you want to give something luxurious and unique to that special person in your life, but also want to send the right message.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

Gentlemen often leave their shopping to the last moment, wracking their brains to find the ultimate luxury gift for their loved ones, whether it be their Mother, their sister, their wife or girlfriend. Without hint or specific request, it can be incredibly difficult.

Jewelry is a very personal gift and knowing the recipient very well is essential. Clothes too can be hard for the same reason, not only does size matter, understanding the wearer’s style and comfort level is a must. Items for the household are acceptable as everyday gifts, not for a special celebration when the gift-giver wants to tell that special lady just how highly regarded she is.

SoffiaB’s Daphne Collection of luxury robes and dressing gowns make the perfect gift whomever you are and however organized you may be. SoffiaB’s silk robes send the right message of deserving luxury and uniqueness that only compliment the special person in your life.

There are six different silk color palettes aimed to flatter a variety of styles and tastes. While designed in the form of a traditional dressing gown, the prints and accented silk velvet cuffs and collars give these luxury robes a contemporary look and feel.

Appealing to the sensibilities of the discriminant buyer who support the Made in America Movement, each robe is made exclusively in New York’s Garment District where it is given the care and attention expected from a fine silk luxury robe.

“Gifting can be a minefield” says Sophie Burkart, owner of SoffiaB “especially when you want to give something luxurious and unique to that special person in your life, but also want to send the right message.”

The Daphne collection can be found online at http://www.soffiab.com. Follow SoffiaB's musings on twitter @SoffiaB4U, like SoffiaB on Facebook, email at contactus(at)soffiab(dot)com or call for information on 216-225-5798.

About SoffiaB
SoffiaB is a Cleveland, OH based producer of luxury robes & dressing gowns offering “a little luxury in the bedroom”, started in January 2012 by Sophie Burkart. A complete SoffiaB Media Kit can be found by following this link: SoffiaB Media Kit.

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Sophie Burkart


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SoffiaB Pink Parfait Luxury Gown SoffiaB Pink Parfait Luxury Gown

Berries, cream and meringue by candlelight, delectable! A luxury floral silk robe with rich hues of pink and summers-past fruits, wine coloured silk velvet cuffs and collars, topped off by a soft, sensuous flannel within.

Coral Waters Luxury Gown Coral Waters Luxury Robe

Coral waters run deep, deep into luxury for your winter sojourn on the islands. Vivid turquoise silk, complimented by opulent coral velvet and coolly encasing you in a tide of baby soft flannel lining complete this luxury dressing gown.

Ming Fling Luxury Dressing Gown by SoffiaB Ming Fling Luxury Dressing Gown by SoffiaB

Sumptuous flannel lining encased by orient inspired ruby red patterned silk, deep midnight sapphire velvet accents the collar and cuffs, luxury and enchantment combined on this luxurious dressing gown.

Secret Garden Luxury Robe by SoffiaB Secret Garden Luxury Robe by SoffiaB

Imagine walking around moonlit grounds, a world of fantasy and dreams. Silky soft flannel lining envelopes the body, with delicate white, green and hint of purple floral luxury silk, entwined with rich foliage green, velvet contrast.

Rococo Revival Luxury Robe by SoffiaB Rococo Revival Luxury Robe by SoffiaB

More of a renaissance perhaps, reminiscent of graceful Moroccan inspired architecture. A subtle, taupe rococo style luxury silk, covering soft cashmere flannel and gently contrasting iridescent khaki blush velvet.

Citron Pastis Luxury Robe by SoffiaB Citron Pastis Luxury Robe by SoffiaB

Night-times in Paris, romantic walks up the Champs Elysees, wherever you are dreaming, encase yourself in batik inspired citron and charcoal luxury silk, draped with silver velvet and lined with flannel trés doux.