StayParked Inc Has A New Product For Owners Of Vehicles Alerting Drive-By Motorists That They Are Staying In Their Parking Spot

StayParked Inc. has drive-by motorists looking for a parking spot amazed by a new product which alerts in-transit motorists to the fact that the person whom is parked is not leaving their parking spot.

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StayParked... the company that lets motorists know that You are Staying in Your Parking Spot

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

StayParked Inc has come out with another unique product which can be placed on the door of the vehicle which will help drive-by motorists pass-up those parked vehicles improving traffic congestion.

The product has already been used in New York City and motorists have gotten great results from using it.

The Product, which is magnetic, can be easily mounted on a vehicles door and be visible to traffic when a motorist approaches a parked vehicle.

When the owner of the vehicle is temporarily sitting, or doing any other task with their vehicle, the magnet is placed on the vehicle before the owner does anything around his vehicle. By doing so, it will inform motorists searching for a parking spot that the person is not leaving their parking space.

This product and others sold by StayParked Inc are not cumbersome and the magnet product can be conveniently carried to the vehicle or placed inside the vehicle when it needs to be used.

By having this magnet and other StayParked Inc. products on the vehicle when it is parked, the products will act as a deterrent to stop annoying questions as to whether owners of their vehicles are either leaving or staying in their parking space.

These products are environmentally friendly and will greatly benefit movement of traffic.


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