Market Pipeline and Tom Repp Ensure Industrial Marketers Have the Latest Resources with the Launch of a New Blog

Tom Repp, co-owner of Market Pipeline launch a new blog to help industrial marketers improve their presence on the Web.

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Industrial Internet Marketer

Industrial Internet Marketer

Portage, MI (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

Tom Repp, one of the owners of Market Pipeline in Portage, Michigan has launched a blog that focuses strictly on the most vital industrial internet marketing topics.

Busy business owners and industrial marketers are all strapped for time.
Industrial marketers know the web is a tremendous channel to market and also know they are missing opportunities.

The question is: Where to begin? How does an industrial marketer develop an effective strategy that will produce real dollars?

This blog, in coordination with Market Pipeline, is designed with a single-minded goal of giving up-to-date and common sense advice for busy industrial marketing executives.

The target audience for the blog needs knowledge and resources about industrial internet marketing…and it needs to be delivered in an easy-to-digest concise manner.

This blog will be updated frequently with top-level strategic concepts that need to be explored if your business is to survive in the digitally connected business-to-business marketplace.

Tom will also feature tactical concepts that need to be understood by industrial marketers looking to the web for lead generation and brand building.

Since 2006 Market Pipeline have been a leading web developer and digital marketer in Portage, Michigan. Market Pipeline helps Midwest industrial suppliers and mid-size manufacturers understand and embrace new media opportunities to improve market awareness, market diversification and lead generation.

For more information visit or you may contact Tom Repp at trepp(at)marketpipeline(dot)com or call 269-375-0349


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