New Year Pranks for Kids is the Latest Buzz Moms are Blogging About This Month - Kids April Fools Pranks Turn into Funny Holiday Pranks on Kids Activities Blog

New Year pranks for kids is the latest buzz Moms are blogging about this month. Kids April Fools Pranks turn into funny holiday pranks for kids on Kids Activities Blog.

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pranks for kids

pranks for kids

Start the Holiday Break with silly get-out-of-bed pranks for kids.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 28, 2012

April Fools pranks are only for April? Not so, according to Moms blogging this season on Kids Activities Blog. Pranks for kids are done year around to make the kids giggle and laugh out of their ears.

The New Year bucket list for the silly minded includes kids April Fools pranks that turn into fun New Year pranks. Do not be too busy in December, with shopping and schedules, but make time for silly moments and laughter. Making fun memories for the kids that they can talk about for years to come is also what the season is all about.

Start the New Year for the kids by preparing some of the silly get-out-of-bed pranks. How about letting the kids wake up in the wrong beds? If the kiddos are deep sleepers, carry them in the middle of the night into different beds. Or how about setting up a balloon drop, confetti drop, or if you dare to clean up the mess, a water drop, on top of the door frame of their bedroom or bath room?

Ouch! Their feet grew overnight. Simply crumple up toilet paper and stuff it into the tip of their shoes before they put them on. Want to include the neighbors in the prank? Put up a For Sale sign in the yard or the neighbors yard on New Year.

Other fun pranks include gluing all sort of things on the table, pavement or walls. The classic of all is gluing a quarter on the sidewalk and letting the kids watch the people trying to pick up the coin.

Silly food pranks include putting toothpaste inside the Oreo cookie, making giant Ostrich eggs for breakfast, serving colorful milk for breakfast or turning the breakfast juice into jello or some frozen mass.

The list is endless on Kids Activities Blog and Moms are blogging in numbers about their prank ideas. Come get silly this New Year to create fun family moments for the kids to remember for years to come.

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pranks for kids pranks for kids

pranks for kids

Kids April Fools Pranks Kids April Fools Pranks

Kids April Fools Pranks