Higgs Boson Inspires Church in New “Lab Lit” Novel by David Piper

Novel explores the transformation of science into a religion.

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 07, 2012

In David Piper’s debut novel, Church of the God Particle, a deeply flawed antagonist—Reverend Lucas Ruthlier—learns to manipulate the Higgs boson, the recently discovered subatomic particle. When the reverend launches a reckless experiment, his unstable son plots the murder of a snooping landscape artist. The story sweeps across the high plains of Kansas, uncovers treason in Cold War Romania, and tumbles into Austin, Texas.

Church of the God Particle is the latest addition to the growing genre of “Lab Lit” fiction. Like the original Lab Lit classic, Frankenstein, Piper’s novel illuminates the flaws of a brilliant, but disturbed villain. Reverend Lucas Ruthlier could have been easy to write as a one-dimensional character, but he has depth and humanity that never lets the reader dismiss him as simply a fanatic.

David Piper managed telecommunications departments and developed algorithms that dynamically modified networks. This behind-the-scenes interplay of computers and people spurred him to write Church of the God Particle, a thriller in which a man attempts to physically and spiritually absorb a new technology. Piper lives and writes in Austin, Texas.

See more at http://www.ParticleofGod.com or contact the author.

Church of the God Particle is available online or through bookstores, both as a print edition and as a discounted eBook.

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