Ten Tips on Living with Holiday House Guests from merge2gether.com

Whether one is a dorm-mate, roommate, couple or family, the holiday season often means house guests, including family and/or friends. merge2gether.com offers ten easy ideas on how to be a great host and set people up to be good guests.

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These hostess tips make so much sense!

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

Living with people, even for a short time can be challenging. Being a good host is easier when guests' visits are planned and organized. The visit does not need to all be on the shoulders of the host though. Here are ten tips that set both the host and guest up to have a fun and relaxing visit.

1. Communicate plans and schedule activities in advance of visits, but then be flexible. Plans are designed to change.

2. Print the agreed-upon activity agenda. If the host is expected to entertain and play tour guide to the guests, be prepared. Have some ideas for children and adults. Plan for time together and time apart.

3. If children are coming to visit, childproof the house as needed. Put away any precious items or potentially dangerous objects or substances, including medications and cleaning products.

4. Give guests local maps and information on public transportation options, restaurants, gyms, gas stations, special events and sightseeing highlights. Put all the information together in an easy-to-carry folder with the activity agenda.

5. If financially possible, suggest that the guests rent a car to reduce their dependence on the hosts.

6. Have the guest's favorite snacks and drinks in their bedroom or an easy-to-find location in the pantry or refrigeration. Provide basic toiletries in case something is forgotten.

7. For long-term guests, show them how to use the washer and dryer.

8. Invite guests to help themselves to food and drink. Leave an open shopping list for items that they want or that run low.

9. For guests who like to cook, divide the labor: guys cook one night and gals the other, or one couple cooks and the other couple cleans.

10. Have pre-planned appointments to have time alone, such as trips to the gym, walking the dog, getting a hair cut or going on a work lunch or a date with a friend. Make sure to build in some down time.

For more information about moving in and living together, go to merge2gether.com.

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Tips for making the most of holiday visits from family and friends. Tips for making the most of holiday visits from family and friends.

Ten easy ideas for living happily with holiday guests. Ideas to prepare for entertaining and making guest comfortable while making less work for the hosts.