Martin Vesole, Father of the Shalomist Movement, Echoes Netanyahu's Concerns about the Root Cause of the Israeli Arab Conflict

The Arab refusal to acknowledge Israel's right to exist mirrors the urgency of the US Jewish Community's internal threat for extinction

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Martin Vesole,Founder of The Shalomist Movement

"There is a curious parallel about the denial going on, one that perpetuates the illusion....we must stop the attrition trend that threatens our very existence."

Louisville, Kentucky (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

"We must constantly repeat that the root of the conflict is the very existence of the State of Israel, the refusal to recognize the State of Israel in any borders whatsoever." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated at Israel's National Public Diplomacy Forum on Tuesday, according to Israel National News. " Israel's top public diplomacy mission is to explain that the root of this conflict is not territorial. It is over our very existence in any borders whatsoever.The root of the conflict is not the settlements; it is the very existence of the State of Israel and the desire to wipe it off the face of the earth."

"For 45 years since 1967, Arabs day in, day out, and hour by hour, have been preaching the complete opposite of Israel's right to exist," Netanyahu added.

"There is a curious parallel about the denial going on, one that perpetuates the illusion, the spin about what the conflict is really about and an equally alarming denial in the US that dictates doing the same thing will net a different result, stop the attrition trend that threatens our very existence," declared Martin Vesole, Father of the Shalomist Movement. " I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu, this situation is urgent and it's critical to stay focused on the facts, not the spin. The same holds true for our very future in the US, only the enemy is within." stated Vesole.

We need to remain clear on what the issues actually are today feeding the attrition within the US Jewish community.

About Martin Vesole
Martin Vesole is a 64 year old attorney who attended Washington University in St. Louis and graduated from the De Paul College of Law in Chicago. He lived in Israel for two years attending the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and working on a kibbutz famous for manufacturing the Naot sandal line.

Martin worked as a legal writer for Commerce Clearing House in Chicago and also served as President of Temple Menorah and remains on the Board of Directors presently. He's divorced with a stepdaughter and two grandchildren.

About the Shalomist Movement
The mission of the Shalomist Movement is to open hearts and minds to broadening the Judaic doctrine to attract many who have left and revitalize it for all Jews.
The root letters of Shalom mean "completeness" and "wholeness." Judaism needs to stretch to become more complete and whole by looking outside itself and being open to adopting ideas from the secular world and other religions that are compatible with Jewish thinking. While the primary focus of the Shalomist Movement is on broadening Judaism, it also teaches that there is much we can learn from others, and that building bridges of commonality is the start to a greater spiritual evolution based on global unity versus historical division.