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Don't forget your best friend(s) as it gets cold outside. Use these tips from

Winter has arrived and it's cold outside. Don't forget your best friend(s) as it gets cold outside. Use these cold weather tips to keep your pets safe.

Don't keep your pets outside. This is the easiest way to make sure they stay healthy. We at DogGeek never understood why people keep their pets outside. Now, with that said, we know some dogs just like it out there more. Our Pyrenees mix loves to sneak out the dog door and just lay out in the cold.

Wipe their paws. Snow can cake in their paws and in between their toes. To make sure that they do not get frost bitten, clean them out with a towel. You also do not know what stuck to them: antifreeze, salt, ice melt, all of which can be poisonous to your pet.

Let the hair grow, never shave your pet in the winter. Their hair is there for a reason... to keep them warm. How would you like it if someone took out all the stuffing in your warm winter jacket? Got a short hair pet? Help a puppy out. There are a plethora of cool and silly looking coats and sweaters out there for your dog.

Never leave them alone in the car. We all know better than the leave them in the car during the summer. You did get the memo right? In the wintertime your car can act like a fridge making it unbearably cold inside.

Keep the antifreeze away, it is poisonous. It tastes sweet to animals so they want to drink it.

Keep a warm bed. Just like you, pets like a warm bed too. Not only do they like it, they need it in the winter. Make sure they have some place out of the elements and the wind with something warm on the ground to collect heat.

Water freezes, make sure your pet's water hasn't. Dehydration is just as bad in the winter as it is in the summer.

Keep away from frozen lakes/water. Your pets don't understand that the ice is just a couple if centimeters thick and they can fall through.

Keep safe this winter.


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