Announcing the Rotobec Horizon Loader

The Rotobec Horizon Loader completes Rotobec’s line of loaders with a larger lift capacity. It is used in various applications, including waste removal and the loading and unloading of logs and rail ties.

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Rotobec HORIZON Loader

Tough Handling Equipment

(PRWEB) February 13, 2012

The Rotobec Horizon loader has a larger lift capacity than the Rotobec Elite loader. It is used in various applications including rail, for loading and unloading loose ties and rail segments. It can also be equipped with a grapple saw as an option for handling blowdown over tracks.

The Horizon loader can also be used for loading and unloading logs in forestry applications. It can be configured as a stationary mount loader with the operator on the pedistal or can be operated remotely.


  • Rail tie handling
  • Log handling
  • Rail segment handling
  • Waste applications
  • Hurricane clean-up
  • Municipal uses
  • Scrap material handling applications
  • Forestry mill yard applications
  • Mining applications

For more information on the Horizon loader or any other Rotobec products, please contact:

Mark Shukla

Director of Sales and Marketing

(424) 653-9019