U.S. Sunlight Corp Introduces the All-new Model 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator with an Upgraded Ventilation Capacity of 1900 Square Feet

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Due to high demand from homeowners and requests from building professionals, the upgraded 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator is now available for pre-order and will be available to ship June 1, 2012.

Model 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator

Model 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator

We are excited about the newest addition to our solar ventilation product line. The upgraded 15 watt All Purpose Ventilator that can ventilate up to 1900 square feet of space and qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit!

Coming Soon – the Upgraded 15 Watt All Purpose Ventilator!
The All Purpose Ventilator has been a favorite amongst builders, homeowners and renovators as the perfect ventilation solution for attics, crawlspaces, garages and sheds. The All Purpose Ventilator is an alternative to the roof mounted solar attic fans to turbo-charge existing static ventilation. Installed in the interior space behind static vents, most commonly gable vents, the All Purpose Ventilator is the perfect choice for s-tile, concrete and metal roofs where cutting a hole in the roof is not advisable. Coming equipped with 30 feet of wiring to the solar panel (with an additional 60 feet available for purchase), the solar panel can be conveniently mounted on the exterior wall, the roof or the fascia board. With U.S. Sunlight’s impressive engineering, the ease of installation, knowledgeable support staff, and the flexibility of applications, the only request from customers has been for an All Purpose Ventilator that could also be suitable for ventilating larger spaces.

Previously, the All Purpose Ventilator options from U.S. Sunlight Corp consisted of the 1010APV and the 9910APV, both capable of ventilating up to 1250 sq. ft. With the upcoming model 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator can now ventilate up to 1900 sq. ft. with a single fan. Available immediately for pre-order, the 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator with the upgraded 15 watt panel and included thermal switch will be available June 1, 2012.

As spring is beginning to show itself in many parts of the country, homeowners are diving into the home improvements and renovations that have been put on hold throughout the winter months. Especially as many homeowners are dreading the upcoming heat and corresponding air conditioning bills, improvements to increase the energy efficiency of the home are typically at the top of the list. The All Purpose Ventilator is a favorite for home improvements, since it allows for the most flexible of solar ventilation applications.

In order to reduce energy consumption in the hot summer months help balance your home by alleviating the attic heat buildup and the moisture in your crawlspace. Homeowners with a second floor that is chronically hotter than the first floor are aware of the effect of attic heat buildup in their home. A scientific research study found that 43% of air conditioning design load is predicated on high attic temperatures. By alleviating attic heat buildup, a home becomes more balanced and energy efficient. Not only is it imperative to treat the attic heat buildup, the crawlspace is also in need of active ventilation to reduce the mold-harboring moisture.

The All Purpose Ventilator 1015APV is powered entirely with free solar energy – cooling your home for free. Also compatible with U.S. Sunlight’s Solar Controller™, you now have the ability to monitor the humidity and temperature in the ventilated space as well as the fan’s operating status. For those hot, muggy summer nights, plug the Solar Controller into a power outlet to continue fan operation into the evening, using a minimal draw of electricity.

President of U.S. Sunlight Corp Robert Buckley states, “We are excited about the newest addition to our solar ventilation product line. The upgraded 15 watt All Purpose Ventilator that can ventilate up to 1900 square feet of space has been asked for by many of our dealers, installers, contractors and homeowners. Additionally, this all-new All Purpose Ventilator also qualifies for tax credits and local rebates as do the rest of our solar ventilation products. In some cases, a homeowner can install a U.S. Sunlight All Purpose Ventilator for less than $50 by taking advantage of the 30% federal tax credit and rebates up to $200 per unit. We have designed a user friendly website for consumers and industry professionals to learn how our products can best be used to save money on their energy bills and extend the life of their roofs as well as a comprehensive section on federal tax credits and local rebates."

Call 1-877-50-USSUN to reserve your 1015APV All Purpose Ventilator today.

Best of Show – 2011 National Hardware Show
Best Sustainable Product – 2011 BUILDERnews
U.S. Sunlight Corp strives to provide “Alternative Energy for Everyday Life,” by designing and manufacturing innovative solar and green products to save money for the homeowner. Introduced in January of 2011, the Solar Controller has taken the home improvement industry by storm, receiving laudable praise from homeowners and industry experts alike. Homeowners now have the ability to add these additional benefits to their U.S. Sunlight attic ventilation products:

  •     An option to utilize house electricity along with solar power, enabling the attic fan to run after sunset or when solar power is not available.
  •     Monitoring attic fan’s operating status, attic temperature and attic humidity from the Solar Controller remote’s LED screen, simply by pressing a single button on the remote.

With over 100,000 products in the 2011 National Hardware Show, our Solar Attic Fan and Solar Controller caught the attention of retailers, media, and trade professionals, and won the Best of Show awards.

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U.S. Sunlight Corporation designs and manufactures cutting edge solar products. For more details, visit us at http://www.ussunlight.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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