ACTA: “Battle May Be Won, But The Privacy War Is Still Raging,” According To VPNReviewz CEO

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It has been announced that ACTA was voted down by the Members of European Parliament in a 19 – 12 vote, but there’s still another vote scheduled sometime in early June, and there’s the TPP.

“It’s been a long time coming, and the suspense building behind the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Act kept getting more intense as country after country rejected it, but the culminating defeat is a key battle in the war for freedom of speech and privacy,” according to VPNReviewz CEO Michael Maxstead.

According to the [ website the enthusiasm towards this single issue was astounding. The Parliamentary chambers was said to be packed with people and ever more standing in the rear of the room to observe the proceedings. The MEP’s had 32 issues to address before they finally reached the issue of ACTA, the session started at 10:00 A.M.

ACTA has been a subject of contention among the MEP’s. The day before the vote the person responsible for the ACTA, their version of an executive branch, called for a meeting where he informed the members of how to vote, and that if the vote didn’t go the way he wanted it to that he would simply present the same ACTA to their predecessors. Accordingly the statement didn’t sit well with many of the members, who made searing remarks concerning this.

Internet privacy and freedom fighters aren’t finished yet, not by any means though, according to Maxstead. Now that the MEP’s have voted to reject ACTA, there is one final vote, the plenary vote. This is where all MEP members will vote on the legislation, and there are already 5 well stated denials. But Maxstead, and other privacy concerned groups like, are saying that vigilance is still needed beyond just this vote.

Usenetreviewz has reported that there are still many issues in the US Congress, and deals being worked out by the Administration. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, (TPP,) is an agreement being worked on by the Obama administration in utter secrecy. Opponents have so far only been able to get a couple of chapters to this agreement yet, but they are saying the agreement does much to threaten personal privacy, and many other individual freedoms, while giving expansive powers to international corporations.

“Don’t forget about the CIPC, (a Canadian anti-piracy agency,) CISPA in the US, and the ISP agreement with the RIAA,” says the VPNReviewz CEO. “With the way things are going in the US, and Canada, the only way to get any kind of privacy guarantee on the internet is to use Virtual Private Networking…the encrypted tunnel and further encrypting communications in the tunnel is the only guarantee.”

According to Usenetreviewz, Usenet providers that offer VPN services with their packages have become more popular over the last 12 to 18 months. Usenet is the oldest social network, with member in the millions that do not wish any governmental monitoring or surveillance. According to many there, “You don’t have to be doing anything illegal to value your privacy.” Many members are in Countries that censor heavily, like China and Iraq.


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