WebTeam Corporation Taps RocketHub to Catapult Autism Gaming Model

The beginning of a commitment to proactive services to the special needs education world is set in motion as WebTeam Corporation makes their way into crowd funding site RocketHub, pledging support and contribution from parents, educators and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

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iLearnNEarn2 t-shirt

Wear with pride... Grab a tee plus coffee mug by contributing $65 or more

We as iLearnNEarn team are happy to partner with RocketHub in seeking support and contribution from people across the world. With our global supporters, we will be able to serve the autism community better and with increased momentum

Somerset, NJ (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

The Somerset based apps development firm is showcasing their new autism intervention program called iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation aka iLearnNEarn2 on RocketHub. The program will be the next edition of WebTeam’s widely circulated autism app series iLearnNEarn, which is based on the applied behavior analysis (ABA) model of intervention.

"After 7 years of intensive research and development, we are well on course to design one of the most innovative and creative projects to serve individuals with autism using evidence based intervention model developed on the Infants and Toddlers Curriculum by Eden Autism Services. This platform-independent technology will work on all different devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, desktop computers and kiosk, allowing parents, therapists and special educators to use our structured program anytime,” said Nish Parikh, CEO of WebTeam Corporation and mission leader of the iLearnNEarn program.

"Our program will deliver individualized intervention across heterogeneous technological platforms,” Parikh said, urging people to support the project on RocketHub to help WebTeam develop structured intervention in the classroom using game based model.

Supporters and contributors will take home attractive goodies and mementos, including signed coffee mug, t-shirt with iLearnNEarn2 logo, and chalkboard kiosk. School districts can get themselves a free subscription of the program for two years for up to 60 students. And here's the showstopper: a funder can see his or her name roll in the credits with a contribution of $200, $750, or $1,000.

WebTeam Corporation has been developing autism intervention related technologies since 2006. Initially they started working with a few school districts in the NY-NJ area and developed S.H.A.N.E.S.H. Colors (then Shanesh COLORS) Program for web users. iLearnNEarn was developed in 2012 as the mobile and app edition of the Colors Program.

“iLearnNEarn2 will be a curriculum based supplemental intervention program for special needs infants and toddlers. The program will be utilized by parents, teachers and children from the autism community globally. It will be an integrated package of Assessment, Teaching, Tracking and Reporting modules with automated data collection for analysis and research. It is flexible to serve the needs of individuals on the spectrum,” said Angad Mourya, web designer at WebTeam Corporation.

“We, the iLearnNEarn team, are happy to partner with RocketHub and are now seeking support and contribution from people across the world. With our global supporters, we will be able to serve the autism community better and with increased momentum,” said Dhara Desai, project lead for autism apps development at WebTeam.

Since the beginning of the Autism Awareness Month in April, the total number of downloads for WebTeam’s autism apps has exceeded 40,000 on iTunes, Android and NOOK, according to a company readout.

“We are looking for funders; any small-to-large contribution will be greatly appreciated. Over the last 2 years, we have been receiving great words of appreciation from leaders from all over the world and we are reaching out to them for their continual participation. We are also seeking support from the US autism community,” WebTeam CEO Nish Parikh said.

About WebTeam Corporation
WebTeam Corporation (WTC) works with not-for-profit organizations, subject matter experts, parents, teachers and caregivers to improve the lives of those affected by autism spectrum disorders. The company has been developing apps for autism and other special education needs since 2006. Currently WTC has in its repertoire over 150 mobile apps on iTunes, Android and NOOK.


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iLearnNEarn2 coffee mug A memento to live by

A specially signed coffee mug is up for grabs with a contribution of $25 or more.

iLearnNEarn2 digital chalkboard Digital chalkboard for international supporters

Contributors from outside the US will get a digital chalkboard along with a license of iLearnNEarn2 for up to 5 students for 2 years

iLearnNEarn2 advanced customization Customize as you like

The iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation will offer parents and teachers a bundle of advanced customization features, including video recording, auto start, background music, and continuous program

iLearnNEarn2 data collection Collect, retrieve and analyze data to weigh progress

iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation lets parents and teachers access data stored in the central database of iLearnNEarn

iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation for all platforms Fun learning anywhere!

The activities can be played on mobile devices as well as at the kiosk

iLearnNEarn2 outreach Remote outreach for experts

The new edition of iLearnNEarn will help experts and caregivers reach out to remote parts of a town or a city

iLearnNEarn2 structured intervention More at same!

One of the salient features of iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation is that it is structured enough to let school districts take care of more students using the same number of staff

iLearnNEarn2 for cost effective intervention Intervention at less than $1 per hour? Yeah, that's right...

With iLearnNEarn2, the cost of autism intervention comes down without the quality of the same being affected

iLearnNEarn 2nd Generation students profiles Multiple profiles per account

Teachers can add multiple students and assign activities specific to each student