Keywest Technology Announces Improved Digital Signage Support Plan

Keywest Technology pioneered a comprehensive support plan over six years ago when the company’s software was strictly premise-based, but after considering the evolving needs of today’s digital signage customers, the company has revised and improved its support system to meet the needs of a growing, diverse product line that now has its roots in the IT cloud.

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The best digital signage support plan just got better

The best digital signage support plan just got better

We are providing unparalleled customer support with our new help desk because it automates and streamlines the process, making it more efficient to handle different product lines and different types of clients seamlessly

Lenexa, KS (PRWEB) January 16, 2013

Keywest Technology announced today a major overhaul of its TotalCARE™ support system. This change is a response to not only how newer software products and services require support, but also a reflection of the changing demographics and skills of customers and methods that best support them. The revised support plan and procedures were launched in mid-December of 2012.

The company’s support team evaluated several help desk programs, and after much testing and consideration, settled on Kayako’s Fusion platform. According to Lisa Ramsour, Keywest Technology’s customer service manager, “We are providing unparalleled customer support with our new help desk because it automates and streamlines the process, making it more efficient to handle different product lines and different types of clients seamlessly.”

The new support system was instituted to better serve customers now and in the future. For over ten years the company only produced a premise-based software that ran strictly on Windows, but today, that paradigm is quickly changing.

“Our newest digital signage software systems run not only on Windows but also Linux and Android,” said Nick Nichols, Keywest president and CTO. He further noted, “We have designed our latest system to operate in a virtualized environment that no longer requires local IT expertise to setup and operate.”

For this reason, the demographic profile of digital signage users has become less technical and much more creative. This also means they need far less technical support to get their digital sign system configured and launched, yet may still desire different kinds of help that have more to do with operational, communication and creative questions related to digital signage application and practice.

Regardless of how diverse and challenging digital signage customers’ needs are, Ramsour is confident the new system will work. “This system will work,” she said in a recent meeting. “My team’s experience has been fused to a new process that will prevent customers from falling through the cracks and getting lost in the system no matter how small or large their needs are.”

Part of this confidence comes from a brand-new help desk that gives customers the ability to create a ticket that automatically prioritizes and assigns case numbers. These cases then get sorted and sent to team members based on warranty status, type of product, and relative seriousness of issue. Ramsour noted that her goal is to have every case answered within 24 hours and if at all possible resolved within that timeframe. The new support portal also includes a chat dialog box for quick fixes that may not require a ticket, thereby giving customers real-time tech assistance directly from product support personnel.

The all-new TotalCARE support system is available immediately to Keywest Technology customer’s from the company’s corporate website or digital signage product microsite. As new product lines are announced in 2013, the help desk will be expanded to cover each product with individualized features that make the most sense for any given support need.

About Keywest Technology
Keywest Technology is a leading designer of digital signage systems offering solutions from simple single sign playback to large multi-sign networks. Keywest builds systems from a holistic approach that include key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive support. Based in Lenexa, Kan., the company is dedicated to making digital signage technically as easy as a day at the beach.

For more information, visit Keywest Technology Digital Signage.


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