Promising New Vitamin is Good for Hangover Prevention, Says SaveOnBrew

Drinkwel is a new vitamin created by scientists from Harvard that promises hangover prevention. This month, writers at put this supplement to the test to find out if the claims were true.

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“We’re the only people crazy enough to come up with a 30-ingredient multivitamin specifically formulated for adult beverage consumers.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 22, 2013

Drinkwel is a ground-breaking vitamin created by scientists from Harvard. Nutritional supplements are nothing new, but this one claims to help people prevent hangovers from alcohol consumption. According to co-creator Mike McAdams, “We’re the only people crazy enough to come up with a 30-ingredient multivitamin specifically formulated for adult beverage consumers.”

This month, writers from the Beer Blog at SaveOnBrew decided to put these claims to the test. For 30 days, they took the daily supplement and drank until their hearts’ content to see if they could, in fact, prevent a hangover.

“I had heard about people taking Emergen-C or something like that the day after drinking, but there has never been any evidence that these old wives tales actually work,” explains Chief Wordsmith Jennn Fusion. “I really wasn’t expecting much.”

Surprisingly, the team found that the B vitamins and other minerals in the Drinkwel Supplement kept them hangover-free all month long. “I’ve never felt so fog-free and mentally energetic,” Fusion wrote in her review. She adds, “I plan to take this supplement whenever I anticipate an occasion where I may have a few beers over the course of the day that could possibly leave me feeling a little dull the next day.”

SaveOnBrew is careful to mention that results may vary and each individual should consult a physician before making such dietary changes. Heavy drinking is also not condoned or recommended. The full review can be found at

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