Louisiana State Business Network Initiates New Digital Marketing Tools For Members Only

Louisiana State Business Network launches digital activation programs to unlock business opportunities and support members implement effective business strategies

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As a long-established expert in networking and advertising, Louisiana State Business Network encourages members to introduce digital marketing in their business strategies.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

Technology has changed the face of the business environment and the way businesses perceive marketing. As a long-established expert in networking and advertising, Louisiana State Business Network encourages members to introduce digital marketing in their business strategies. In this respect, their experts have designed and produced specific tools such as social media set up, e-commerce marketplace and press releases, each targeting a specific marketing need.

According to Louisiana State Business Network, social media is the place where members can become active participants in their marketing plan. The authority and force of social media as a marketing instrument will enable members to deliver their message to the intended audience, focusing on networking as their most reliable partner in their efforts to extend their reach fresh markets and larger audiences.

Louisiana State Business Network brings in the latest digital tools that have the power and influence to develop into cost effective, useful, and resourceful publicity and selling tools:

  • Social Media Set Up - As a highly esteemed networking expert, Louisiana State Business Network is fully aware of the value that social media marketing can add to marketing. Thus, the network has established a set of productive partnerships with some of the leading platforms in the sphere of social media. As a result, members are presented with a program where they are set up for social media with the purpose of creating a professional communication channel with their exact audience as well as building and nurturing brand.
  • E-commerce Marketplace - Louisiana State Business Network provides members with an e-commerce marketplace where their business is recognized as a state preferred vendor and their site is acknowledged as a state certified and accredited website. Thus, members gain exposure for the products and services that they are offering and stand a higher chance of turning potential customers into actual sales.
  • Video Release - The success of digital marketing depends entirely on how well marketers understand search engines and the way they choose to index the respective content. Louisiana State Business Network is well aware that video is the favored format of search engines. Consequently, members of their network benefit from a unique video that is tailored to showcase precisely their specific realizations and abilities.

About Louisiana State Business Network:

Louisiana State Business Network (LA-SBN) is a career and business development program established to promote job growth, commerce and networking. It is equipped with the tools, expertise and connectivity to help businesses expand their influence while forging strategic alliances necessary to attain higher levels of achievement. With its integrated infrastructure, LA-SBN holds a powerful online platform for building fundamental connections on a local, state and national scale.


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With an integrated infrastructure across the country, LA-SBN offers an exclusive partnership and online platform specific to building business connections on a local, state and national level.