Neon Signs 4 You Move To New Warehouse Facility Reports Brand Outreach

New warehouse two and a half times the size of the previous space, giving major advantages in both production and distribution announces PR partner Brand Outreach

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Neon Signs 4 You

Our new location is much larger, and more suited to our primary activity of heavy shipping. It's a 5000 square foot combination of office and warehouse located in Richland Hills, Texas.

Richland Hills, TX (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

NeonSigns4You, part of the Bright Signs group of websites, has recently moved into a new office and warehouse space that will streamline shipping and increase capacity, ensuring customers get the best service possible. The move comes as a result of mounting success for the company over the previous year, against the trend of the economic downturn.

Neon Signs 4 You was previously set up in a 1,800 square foot retail oriented facility, but have since changed their space to better reflect the changing practices of their customers, many of whom now buy online throughout the entire United States. The change is a fine example of longevity versus extinction, as the company moves with the times.

“Our new location is much larger, and more suited to our primary activity of heavy shipping,” explained a spokesman for the company, “It's a 5000 square foot combination of office and warehouse located in Richland Hills, Texas.”

The company selected Richland Hills, in the suburbs north of Fort Worth, for its business friendly environment and incentives, and because it offered them a significant strategic advantage in serving customers.

Their spokesman explained, “Since our primary customers are small businesses all around the United States, having a warehouse located in the center of the country allows us to ship out popular signs out to them with reduced ground shipping time. It also positions us to manufacture our custom signs from a central location in future.”

The business has proved so successful because all signs created by the company are 100% hand-bent glass tube neon, with a no breakage on delivery guarantee, together with a full year warranty. They have also innovated online interfaces allowing quick and easy creation of custom signage designs. The success of these products has meant a busy manufacturing schedule, which will be optimized by the new location.

About Neon Signs 4 You: Neon Signs 4 You has a razor-sharp focus on serving its primary customer, the small business owner. They are one of the few online neon sign sources run from a real, brick-and-mortar location, with real people answering the phone. This personalized service doesn't come at an added cost; they are the low-cost leader for window-placed neon, with open signs for under $100 including shipping, as well as the lowest cost custom-made neon signs available. For more information visit

This press release was written and distributed on behalf of Neon Signs 4 You by Brand Outreach an online brand management agency that helps businesses grow and protect their online brand.



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