Sight8 Inc Announces New Internet Radio Service, Decadio

Sight8 is designing Decadio, an innovative new internet radio service that lets you traverse over a century of curated recordings broadcast along a timeline.

Marin County, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

Sound has the power to transport us. From early jazz, ragtime and blues, bebop, doo wop, hip-hop and rock — to the cultural happenings and events of the times, Decadio takes you from way back when to here and now.

There is a vast amount of audio content currently available online, but few intuitive and meaningful ways for people to access and experience it. Decadio allows listeners to simply select a frequency on a dial and feel transported in time, hearing voices from the past to the present, both familiar and unknown.

Co-creator, Brian Laramie, explains, “Decadio delivers unique, curated sonic experiences. It's not limited to any one style. It's more about evolution. We think the most precise musical genre is time. When was it created? Who influenced it? What was happening in the world when it was recorded? Decadio lets people discover our shared history and learn how it shaped the present.”

Decadio’s programming is curated by both experts and aficionados. In addition to music, Decadio broadcasts historically significant and ephemeral recordings such as newscasts, concerts, dramas, comedies, and sporting events — even commercials are authentic to vintage.

“It is fascinating to jump from the 1910s through to the 2010s on the dial and witness the changes in those 100 years — in substance, style, and technology. Understanding our shared history, who we are and where we have been, helps us better see where we are going and Decadio makes me look forward to the future,” Mr. Laramie added.

Decadio is now in limited beta and available for free by invitation. Request an invitation by visiting and clicking ‘Join Us’.

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