Software displays fuel economy of air travel on booking sites

Your favorite travel website may soon come with fuel economy ratings from Calasi. And unlike cars there is no premium attached.

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Calasi: Informing decisions for a better future
One economy passenger from L.A. to New York can produce as many emissions as two months worth of US per capita home electricity usage

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

While the idea may seem far-fetched at first, its equivalent on the ground has been around for many years: Governments require fuel economy ratings, car manufacturers and dealerships advertise it, and you probably know yours: MPG. But how about air travel?

A young start-up company called Calasi builds software that displays fuel economy ratings of flights using a simple color code. "Efficient flying comes at no extra cost or burden. We just need to highlight responsible travel options to the user" explains Dirk Aguilar, Calasi President & Co-Founder.

In addition to building awareness per se, the company attempts to actually shift demand towards more fuel efficient routes using a proprietory recommendation engine. Mr. Aguilar goes on to say that "Calasi suggests efficient flights that work for our users. Oftentimes a more responsible option may actually save you money and time too."

The founders point out that a single economy passenger from Los Angeles to New York can easily produce as many carbon emissions as two months worth of US per capita home electricity usage.

Satish Viswanatham, Calasi CTO & Co-Counder, explains: "Fuel economy per passenger can easily vary threefold from one itinerary to another. So here is a wonderful opportunity to make a substantial positive impact. Many consumers already demonstrate a responsible lifestyle by riding a bike or driving a hybrid. Applying this thought process to the way they fly is a natural extension of what they are already doing."

About Calasi: Both founders share a passion for technology and a genuine desire to give back to the world. Based in San Francisco, the seed-stage company's mission is to inform decisions for a better future. Its free public beta is available at and it already works on Expedia. Meet the founders and view an early product demo on YouTube.


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Calasi on Expedia Calasi color coded fuel economy ratings + Calasi Details

Two economy flights from LAX to JFK on 11/10/13. Calasi for Expedia retrieved on 1/25/13 at 5pm PST.

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