Joshua Pastore: Increasing Snowboarding Injuries Call for Improved Training and Safety on Slopes

A new study reveals that snowboarding accidents are becoming more prevalent among alpine sport enthusiasts. As an avid snowboarder and former instructor, entrepreneur Joshua Pastore discusses the need for greater safety.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Although the winter sport of snowboarding has often been viewed as an action-packed one, a new report from The American Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that thrill seekers are not giving adequate attention to safety needs on the slopes. A recent FOX News article reveals, “Injuries rose by 13 percent in the two years after snowboarders were permitted at the Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, compared to the two years before.” While the statistics gained from this study are limited to one geographic area, general consensus suggests that this is a trend that is happening on trails all across America. As a fan of snowboarding and a former instructor of the sport, Joshua Pastore responds to this new data by urging participants to train more thoroughly and understand safety needs.

While alpine sports carry a consistent risk of injury—such as lower body wounds associated with skiing—the increase in injuries related to snowboarding may be related to a lack of preparedness. As the FOX article suggests, the increase in injuries at Taos Ski Valley directly correlated to the introduction of snowboarding to the resort. Specifically, “The rise was due mostly to an increase in the kind of upper body injuries that are most common among snowboarders, such as wrist sprains and fractures. Broken wrists jumped from the then most common injury before snowboarders were allowed to the second most common at the end of the study.”

Joshua Pastore responds to the study by suggesting that the cause of more injuries associated with snowboarding over skiing may be linked to the physical dynamics of the activity. Pastore explains, “It does not surprise me that snowboarders are more prone to injury, because when they fall, people have a natural tendency to catch themselves by putting their forearms and wrists out and at risk of being broken. Skiers, on the other hand, have poles in their hands which tend to divert someone from immediately putting their wrists out to catch their falls.”

Although the article notes that researchers were unable to pinpoint an exact cause to these types of injuries, they do suggest that the trend could be in relation to the general age of snowboarders. The article notes that certain factors “may include that snowboarding has brought in a younger group of people, who tend to take more risks, as well as raising the overall number of people on the slopes” Still, Joshua Pastore explains that no matter what the age of participants, there is no reason that they should have a lack of disregard for safety.

As an experienced instructor of snowboarding technique and safety, Joshua Pastore urges both skiers and snowboarders to pay more attention to the dangers posed by winter sports. He concludes, “People should always wear a helmet when they hit the slopes, no matter whether they ski or snowboard. Both are dangerous sports, but it is usually carelessness that causes most accidents and injuries.”


Joshua Pastore is a student and entrepreneur attending High Point University located in High Point, NC. Focusing on strategic communications, software development and start-up ventures, Pastore has reached many achievements, including recognition as a semi-finalist in the Charlotte Venture Challenge and a finalist in the High Point University Business Plan Competition for founding Hawk Vision Applications, LLC—a mobile app company. In addition to his focus on business development and marketing, Joshua Pastore is a noted snowboarding and golf enthusiast who enjoys charitable involvement.


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