7 Funny Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys from Stupid.com

Ladies, yank your man's love chain this Valentine's Day with funny gag gifts like Bacon Scented Roses, Lipstick Kissed Toilet Paper, and Dirty Valentine's Day Hearts.

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Bacon Scented Roses from Stupid.com

Bacon Scented Roses, just one of the funny Valentine's Day gifts featured at Stupid.com

Stupid.com has made shopping for men this Valentine's Day so much easier, with Bacon Scented Roses, and many more wacky gifts.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

When it comes to Valentine's Day, finding the perfect gift for a guy can be enough to dishearten even the biggest romantic.

This year, however, come February 14th, there's one way guaranteed your man's heart will flutter, and all it takes is trading in a little cupid for some stupid.

Stupid.com, internet retailer of funny gag gifts and novelty gifts, has unleashed their most crazy and funny Valentine's Day gifts ever, all of which are sure to tickle his funny bone.

Here's 7 of the newest, funniest gag gifts for Valentine's Day, currently available at Stupid.com

Bacon Scented Roses – Women love roses and men love bacon, it was only a matter of time until someone mixed the two together. These roses smell just like bacon, they will have your heart warming and your mouth watering at the same time.

Emergency Bowtie – There is no classier holiday than Valentine’s Day and no classier men’s accessory than the classic black bowtie. This emergency bowtie can turn any dull night into the most amazing night of your life, guaranteed.

Vinderpants – It’s a weird name, but Vinderpants are a pair of underpants for your wine bottle. What man doesn’t want a warm pair of underpants wrapped around his chilled Pinot Grigio

Dirty Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts – Do you remember your first box of little candy hearts with sweet little comments on them like “Be Mine”. Well, these little candy hearts you will definitely remember, and so will he.

Lipstick Kissed Toilet Paper – Send your gentle kisses with him every time he goes and takes care of business. This toilet paper is sure to “crack” him up.

Rate-A-Date Notepad – Some men need to know just how great the lady in their life is. Introducing, the Rate-A-Date Notepad, now you can judge your date as superficially as you want, and what better night than Valentine’s day.

Inflatable Date Judy – Not all guys have dates for Valentine’s Day. Stupid.com is here to help, if you know a guy who could use some company this Valentine’s Day, Judy is available.

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Emergency Bowtie from Stupid.com

Emergency Bowtie, available at Stupid.com

Vinderpants Gag Gifts Stupid.com

Vinderpants, Underwear for Wine, available at Stupid.com

Dirty Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts Stupid.com Gag Gifts

Dirty Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts, available at Stupidcom

Lipstick Kissed Toilet Paper Stupid.com

Lipstick Kissed Toilet Paper, available at Stupid.com

Rate a Date Notepad Stupid.com Gag Gift

Rate-a-Date Notepad, available at Stupid.com

Inflatable Date Judy Stupid.com Gag Gift

Inflatable Date Jud, available at Stupid.com