Watch Senserial Publishing's Video Trailers at YouTube

The trailer videos of Senserial Publishing’s serial novels that are coming out on the 20th of March are now up at YouTube.

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The main goal of this eBook innovation is to stimulate the imagination of the readers without taking away the opportunity to create their own.

(PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Senserial Publishing has already introduced its eBook reading project through Indiegogo. Now, Senserial Publishing brings the much awaited release of the epilogue videos for the five series set to be released on the 20th of March.

A magical world awaits the eBook readers as Senserial Publishing will release three serial fantasy novels. One of the three is entitled Instinct, written by Sarah Aderholdt. It is a fantasy story about a heroine born into a secret life of magic. The second one is entitled The Wolf of The Highlands, written by Bil Howard. This fantasy adventure story is about a man struggling to find meaning to his life, but little does he know that he is bound to face an adventure of a lifetime. The last one is a treat for fans of Greek mythology. Written by Mark Aragona, Ithaca will bring readers to a world of struggle between the gods and man.

Senserial Publishing is not only for the fantasy lovers, but also for the romantics. Join the main character as she surges on a quest to find love, and herself in a novel entitled Love Around The World, written by Katherine Russell.

Senserial Publishing will also release a science-fiction novel that is set to capture the rugged imagination of all eBook readers. The story entitled The Star features the paranormal existence of the main character, twisted by political conspiracies.

Watch the full video trailers at

What the eBook readers will see through the epilogue videos is just a small glimpse of the experience that the serial novels will bring. The main goal of this eBook innovation is to stimulate the imagination of the readers without taking away the opportunity to create their own.

Now, just imagine reading The Lord of the Rings. Wouldn't anyone love to have some supplementary graphics to go with that book, such as a map describing the journey of Frodo and Sam? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have some background battle noises to dramatize the epic war scenes? Or imagine reading a bedtime story to children. Wouldn't they be excited to see images popping up and hear lions roar in tune to the story-telling? Or the sound of waves when the explorers are travelling on a ship while reading about the journey?

Senserial Publishing will release its serial novels on March 20, 2013. Watch out for news and updates through Facebook and Twitter. Anyone and everyone can pre-order the serial novels through


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