Soladey Launches J3X Ionic Toothbrush with Facebook Campaign

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Soladey International, the worlds leader in ionic dental care toothbrushes, launches its new J3X with a colorful Facebook campaign, and a special offer of free bristle replacement heads with J3X purchases for United States, Canadian and UK residents.

Soladey Facebook campaign page header - Like Team Soladey for a free brush heads pack coupon

Soladey Facebook Campaign

Our sole purpose at Soladey International is to introduce environmentally responsible products to the market, which will be of benefit to our health.

Soladey International, the worlds leader in ionic dental care toothbrushes for more than 10 years, launches its new Soladey J3X ionic toothbrush with the development of a colorful and original Facebook campaign, and a limited-time special offer of free bristle replacement heads with J3X purchases for residents of the United States, Canada and the UK.

A popular toothbrush in Japan among consumers and dental professionals alike for more than ten years, the Soladey is an ionic toothbrush that removes plaque and cleans teeth by a natural ionic process, activated when light and water interact with the negative ion-generating rod in the handle. When exposed to a light source (a fluorescent or regular light bulb or sunlight), this photosensitive titanium rod converts light into negatively charged ions (electrons) as long as water (in saliva) is present. This reaction is not felt by the user, but de-stabilizes plaque and ensures it is easy to remove with light brushing.

Soladey’s latest ionic toothbrush launch is the J3X. Working from the successful original Eco model, the J3X now adds a small solar panel in the non-bristle end of the handle, which makes brushing easier and more efficient than previous models of the ionic toothbrush.

The solar panel transmits electrons to the semiconductor titanium dioxide rod, ensuring the ionic process is activated even when the mouth is closed during brushing. The addition of the solar panel gives the brush added punch by increasing the flow of negatively-charged ions that are released by the titanium dioxide rod. No batteries are required, and the toothbrush can be used anywhere, even without running water.

The Soladey J3X toothbrush features a comfortable grip, comes in a range of five colors, and the replacement brush heads are presently available in Medium, Soft, Child and Tapered bristles.

It is interesting to note that no toothpaste is required, as water in the saliva is the active ingredient. With care, the toothbrush handle and rod can last a lifetime, requiring replacement of the bristle heads only at a cost comparable to that of a regular quality toothbrush.

Soladey is offering a 4-pack of replacement bristle heads with the purchase of 2 or more J3X toothbrushes, for residents of the USA, Canada and the UK. This limited time special offer is available through the new Facebook campaign now running on Soladey’s Facebook page - The campaign features two “super hero’s” of Team Soladey, Sam and Lou, and encourages visitors of the page to “like” Team Soladey and so become hero’s as well.

Clinical studies have shown that the Soladey ionic toothbrush helps to stop plaque buildup – working with saliva and not against it. It’s safe, healthy and as an added bonus, very gentle on teeth and gums – especially when they are sensitive.
The Soladey toothbrush was first patented in Japan in the mid 80’s, and has since gone through a number of product evolutions. The Soladey brand is now rapidly achieving worldwide recognition and distribution – supported by patents in many additional countries including Canada, Great Britain and the USA.

“I have been a practicing dental hygienist for 19 years, and never before have I tested or used a toothbrush more effective than any electric brush I recommended in the past. I like the ease of use and the ionic effect using light and saliva without batteries. I really encourage dry brushing and with the Soladey Ionic brush, it fits perfectly into my patient’s regimen program. The results have been whiter teeth, less plaque, and cleaner fresher breath for patients and myself.” ~ Victoria DaCosta, RDH – 2004 President, Santa Barbara Dental Hygiene Association.

Ion cleaning is not new to the world, and has been proven in a number of other product categories. For example, air purifiers with ion technology have proved far superior at removing dust and harmful micro particles from the air than the traditional simple solutions of air filters and fans.

“Our sole purpose at Soladey International is to introduce environmentally responsible products to the market, which will be of benefit to our health. In order to achieve this successfully, our products must be different, be special, and thus necessarily radical!” explains Chris Hands, president of Soladey International.

Soladey International has been working with Soladey Japan for 16 years, and was appointed by the Japanese manufacturer as world agent for the product in all markets including the UK and North America (excluding Japan and Korea).

More information on the ionic process, and the range of Soladey ionic toothbrushes, can be found at

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