LorAnn Oils Shares New Pink Meringue Recipe to Sweeten Valentine’s Day, Plus 5 Tips for Baking Success

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Meringue cookies and Valentine’s Day go together like Cupid and his arrows. An ideal combination of sensual kiss-shapes and an airy, delicate almost ethereal texture make meringues a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day baking.

meringue cookies

Peppermint Meringue Cookies

Follow these 5 simple tips for picture-perfect, delicious Valentine's Day meringue-baking.

Meringue cookies, sometimes referred to as ‘forgotten kisses’ on account of their lengthy baking time, are a sweet low-fat dessert perfect for Valentine’s Day baking. Add some peppermint flavor and a wisp of chocolate and it’s a Valentine’s Day gift-giving treat at its finest.    

The secret to flawless meringues is in the preparation, according to Sandy Grettenberger of LorAnn Oils, a gourmet manufacturer of super strength flavors, natural flavors, flavor extracts, and emulsions for baking and candy making.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the experts at LorAnn offer the following five simple tips for picture-perfect, delicious meringue-baking.

1. Use Impeccably Clean Utensils
Meringues are simply whipped egg whites mixed with sugar. For maximum whipped volume, all traces of fat must be eliminated. An easy way to say goodbye to grease is to rinse bowls and whisks with vinegar.

2. Separate Eggs Properly
If even a speck of yolk ends up in the egg whites they will not whip properly. To prevent this, crack the egg over a small bowl. Next, transfer the egg back and forth between the two halves of the shell, letting the white drop into the small bowl. Discard yolk and any white that is contaminated with yolk, or save to a separate container for another use.

3. Use Room Temperature Egg Whites
Egg whites will also whip to maximum height if not too cold. Either warm cold egg whites gently over simmering water or set out at room temperature for 30 to 45 minutes.

4. Add Liquid Sparingly
Adding flavoring is a must, but too much liquid will deflate the whipped egg whites. The solution is to use a concentrated flavoring such as LorAnn Oils Super Strength Flavorings or candy oils.

5. Bake Until Crisp
Meringues are essentially dried rather than baked. The amount of baking time or ‘drying’ time can vary by several hours and is greatly affected by the level of humidity in the air. Be patient! Finished meringues should be dry and crisp and not a bit sticky or chewy.

For the perfect Valentine’s Day meringue cookie recipe of pink, chocolate-dipped peppermint meringues, go to: https://www.lorannoils.com/p-9289-peppermint-meringues-new.aspx

For more tips, tricks and recipes and to browse LorAnn’s extensive stock of flavor extracts including options perfect for Valentine’s Day like strawberry flavor and raspberry flavor that are 3 to 4 times stronger than typical baking extracts, check out our online store at LorAnnOils.com and join our Facebook community at http://www.facebook.com/LorAnnOils.

About LorAnn Oils:
Family-owned and operated since 1962, LorAnn Oils is a wholesaler and retailer of high-quality, gourmet flavorings, essential oils and fragrances catering to both the home consumer and small companies including bakeries, cake-pop businesses, cupcake businesses, candy makers, popcorn shops and more.

Our products are sold in the United States and throughout the world. LorAnn products can be found in grocery stores, gourmet retailers, pharmacies, craft stores, and cake & candy supply shops.

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