Targeting of Ethical Child and Family Professionals Exposed by Top Expert

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Top Psychologist Praises Forensic Advocate Jill Jones-Soderman with Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts, Alleges Persecution

After forensic advocate Jill Jones-Soderman became the victim of an alleged campaign of persecution by licensing boards and corrupt officials for her successful work defending families and children from government injustice, one of the nation’s premier psychologists, Dr. Monty Weinstein, leaped to her defense and exposed the campaign against her. He recently wrote a powerful letter praising Jones-Soderman while slamming the forces he says are engaged in an attempt to destroy her.

According to Weinstein, who has an unblemished record going back more than five decades and was recognized as the mental health professional of the year in 2010, out-of-control bureaucrats have been waging what essentially amounts to an all-out war against independent experts. If anyone speaks out against the wanton corruption and abuses perpetrated by the system – advocates like Jones-Soderman have been doing it for decades – the full force of licensing boards, pharmaceutical companies, and the coercive apparatus of government do their best to attack and neutralize the threat to their power, he said.

“I am well aware of the abuses of the administrative licensing board bureaucrats who seek to join forces with the large pharmaceutical companies, the draconian control exercised by the division of so-called ‘child protective services’ and the attempt by licensing boards to recruit members who are obedient as opposed to educated, independent, outspoken, ethical professionals,” explained Weinstein, also founder of the Family Therapy Center For New York & Georgia and the executive director of the National Parents’ Rights Association.

“The unrestrained actions of the courts and their minions have removed the licenses of all too many independent professionals who are clinically ethical as well as astute, thus creating a dangerously biased and frequently corrupt court system basing case rulings not on law, but on manipulation of, or pandering to power and control,” he added.

That is precisely what happened to Jones-Soderman, a respected clinician and forensic advocate who also serves as the executive director of the tax-exempt non-profit Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC), Weinstein argued. Despite her “extraordinary qualifications and expertise,” Weinstein said, the work she was doing to defend families and children from official abuses was ruffling too many feathers in the halls of power. So, like with other outspoken advocates, Jones-Soderman was attacked, he explained.

“There is unquestionably a witch hunt against Jill Jones-Soderman,” Weinstein wrote in the letter. “The attempt to denigrate her training and talent, to discredit her skills in working as an expert witness before the courts has resulted in depriving hundreds of poor minority patients of their rights to regain their children, as Jill actively participated in a great deal of pro bono work and gave tirelessly of her talent to domestic violence and homeless shelters for men and women, working in a clinical capacity.”

Jones-Soderman has been actively taking on controversial cases where she feels that there is a victimized party in need of representation. Among other services, she publicizes the cases to build awareness while defending the interest of her clients no matter what the courts and the system have to say about it.

For that, according to Weinstein, “she has earned the enmity of the licensing boards which have confabulated charges against her which have no value or merit and include no patient complaints,” Weinstein explained in the letter.” In fact, the respected psychologist argued in his letter, the complaints by governmental authorities have been generated precisely because she has been so successful in the courts as a forensic advocate.

“Jill has constantly challenged the authorities who attempted to use their power and control to transfer children from the hands of the protective parent into the hands of the abuser, as well as to tolerate integration of the wrongful use of pharmacology, and the failure to prohibit child trafficking and child abuse throughout the foster care system,” Weinstein added.

Not only is Jones-Soderman well-liked by her clients, especially because of the track record of prevailing on difficult cases despite vicious threats from authorities and opposing parties, she is also respected in the psychoanalysis and legal fields as a true force to be reckoned with. Because she places her clients’ right to privacy and due process as an absolute priority, however, she now refuses to have any connection with disgraced licensing boards that experts like Weinstein say have become tools to persecute brave individuals pursuing justice.

The current trend, according to Weinstein and numerous other sources familiar with how the system operates, is to demand that outspoken individuals who fight establishment players undergo “psychiatric” evaluations. If they refuse, they can have their licenses removed or even be sent to jail. If they agree, non-compromising advocates for justice risk being labeled with a bogus toxic mental health diagnosis to destroy their careers, he said.

“The ignorance of those attempting to evaluate her level of training on the licensing board level did not even begin to have the depth of knowledge and training possessed by Jill Jones-Soderman and so could not begin to understand the depth and breadth of her training and the work or expense that went into her training; not that they ever asked or were interested in such subjects,” Weinstein explained.

A psychoanalyst by training with many years of education and hands-on experience taking on powerful interests in the service of her clients, Jones-Soderman has been in private practice for almost four decades as a family therapist, mediator and forensic consultant with a long record of satisfied clients. She has witnessed firsthand how corruption in the system can wreak havoc on innocent people’s lives – leading to a persistent insistence that everyone in the judicial system be held fully accountable for the level of corruption that she says pervades the courts at all levels.

Jones-Soderman is also an author and the founder and chief of the Family Resolution Center. She has decades of experience defending victims of family court abuses, sometimes pro-bono, and earned a well-deserved reputation as a fierce guardian of her clients’ rights no matter what threats the system makes against her.

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