Online Bed Quilt, Expert on Beds, Responds To TIME Magazine Article Indicating Bad Diet Affects Sleep

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According to the article published by TIME Magazine, which discusses how bad diet can impact sleep patterns, Online Bed Quilt affirms the importance of eating healthy and advises that improper beds could cause restlessness during sleep.

On February 8, Online Bed Quilt, a leading mattress company, responds to an article from TIME Magazine, which looks at whether poor diet affects sleep.

According to the article published by TIME Magazine, poor sleep habits could lead to overeating and adding extra pounds, but a new study showed how certain diets correlate with sleep patterns. The study, organized by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, investigated the sleep habits and diets of approximately 4,500 people from a 2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

Researchers analyzed the survey and found that those who slept for the shortest amount of time had high calorie, low variety diets. The article said those who admitted to sleeping for a short amount of time averaged about five hours of sleep per night. By studying diet habits from the NHANES survey, researchers indicated that these sleepers drank less water and ate less lycopene, a natural, cancer-fighting substance found in orange-colored fruits and vegetables. The article also said short sleepers were less likely to eat food containing vitamin C.

However, long sleepers who slept nine or more hours per night had a very low calorie count, the article said. Researchers found that long sleepers consumed less theobromine, present in chocolate products, and choline, found in eggs and fatty meats.

Justin Maas, a representative from mattress company Online Bed Quilt, said there have been studies suggesting lack of sleep can actually make you eat more, but this is a new discovery. “It makes sense,” Maas said. “When you sleep, your body regenerates cells and goes through a recovery process. If you’re just eating junk food, it’s probably keeping you up because your body is having a hard time digesting it and processing it.”

Maas said proper diet is important for sleep and fueling your natural body processes, but if people are having trouble sleeping, they should probably look at the types of beds they are sleeping on. “You might have trouble sleeping because your body is restless,” he said. “It’s important to also make sure you are sleeping on the proper mattress for your body type. You need to be comfortable, otherwise your bones could begin aching and your muscles could start cramping up.”

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