Saquito Mix LLC Releases the First Chia Energy Mix

This month Saquito Mix LLC launches Chia Energy Mix, a new breed of energy food made with chia seeds and complimentary superfoods.

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Saquito Built For Endurance

I sampled almost every energy bar out there and realized there was nothing in the market that didn’t give me a sugar crash or leave me gassy from sugar alcohols. This was a problem and I wanted a solution.

(PRWEB) February 08, 2013

In today’s fast paced world nearly everyone has eaten an energy bar. Most of these bars taste good, but all of them tend to leave people feeling bloated from sugar alcohols, or feel a crash after a sugar rush. Saquito Mix LLC has transcended these limitations with its new product, Saquito energy mix, which is set to hit stores and online this February.

“I was a student and active athlete in 2011, completing my Masters in education, and I wanted to find an energy food that I could always have on hand between classes,” says Saquito Mix’s product inventor and CEO Zach Azeez . “I sampled almost every energy bar out there and realized there was nothing in the market that didn’t give me a sugar crash or leave me gassy from sugar alcohols. This was a problem and I wanted a solution. My training in live culinary foods preparation enabled me to create something that would meet my needs. I quickly realized that creating a bar meant using sugary binders, sugar alcohols, or water. Sugary binders made the bars so high in sugar that the energy was short lived and sugar alcohols didn’t sit well in my stomach causing bloating and gas. Water wasn’t harmful but using it meant the shelf life of the product was dramatically compromised. I could see that something new need to be created so I let go of the need to make my product an energy bar and developed what I call a ‘chia energy mix’.”

Saquito, the chia energy mix, is a mixture of chia seeds, complemented by hemp seeds and coconut flakes, as well as several other superfoods such as vanilla bean, cinnamon, rice bran solubles and goji berries. This lose mixture is packaged in a biodegradable resealable plastic sleeve, a new green approach to food packaging. Saquito offers consumers a nutrient dense, chia based energy food, with minimal sugar and carbohydrates.

A superfood is a food that has nutritional properties that border on being a supplement or even a medicine. Both chia and hemp seeds are known to be true athletic superfoods so I based the product on these key ingredients.

“Saquito is the first of its kind in the market and I hope that people will be as happy as I am that there will now be a product on the energy food shelves that truly delivers long lasting energy and powerful nutrition, without a bunch of sugar or some new fangled sugar alcohols. On top of that we’re evolving the market by offering our product in a completely biodegradable resealable plastic sleeve, the first of its kind in the market. My undergraduate degree focused on environmental studies, so this aspect of the product is particularly satisfying to me. When some of my professors get their hands on Saquito, they’ll be proud.”

Saquito will become available on February 16th 2013 on their online store accessible from their website and the summer it will become available in Wholefoods Markets in certain regions of the country.

About the company:
Saquito was founded in 2012 in order to bring products with integrity to the energy food market. Saquito is the producer of the world’s first chia energy mix, a unique blend of superfoods with a chia seed base and low sugar content. It is packaged in 40g units, in a custom biodegradable resealable plastic sleeve. Saquito Mix LLC is based out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.For more information about Saquito, or to schedule an interview with Zach Azeez, please call Zach Azeez at 609-442-4444 or email Zach at zach(at)saquitomix(dot)com


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