Dennis DeGrazia Weighs in on Energy Conservation Guidelines

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Energy efficiency expert Dennis DeGrazia shares his insights into a few recent energy conservation guidelines.

New Year’s resolutions come in many different forms, and while some individuals spend the early weeks of a new calendar year trying to get slim or to slash their credit card debt, others devote themselves to “going green,” whether through increased efforts at recycling or a renewed commitment to conserve energy. For those grappling with ways to reduce their energy waste in 2013, Electric Co-Op Today has issued a new series of guidelines, providing specific examples of ways in which homeowners can easily and inexpensively reduce their home energy consumption. The guidelines have won a comment from Dennis DeGrazia, Boston-area energy efficiency professional.

In a new statement to the press, Dennis DeGrazia affirms the inexpensive tips offered in the article—and he provides some further insight of his own. “My suggestion, for those who want to take it to the next level, is to consider changing out old electrical light fixtures that use more wattage to some of the newer products available to homeowners, including LED fixtures, which use far less wattage, resulting in big savings both in KWH/YR and money saved annually.”

Dennis DeGrazia offers further tips to energy-aware homeowners. “Beyond that, homeowners can dramatically improve their energy efficiency by improving air-sealing, attic, wall and floor insulation, duct sealing and insulation, and refrigerator replacement. All will substantially reduce your electric bill.”

Dennis DeGrazia is a contractor and current Director of Operations for Construction Energy Services, a Boston company that is currently working throughout the area to assess low-income, multi-family dwellings on their standards of energy efficiency, and to retrofit some of these dwellings to offer increased energy savings.

Meanwhile, the Electric Co-Op Today guidelines provide a number of suggestions that are generally affordable and less intensive than the ones Dennis DeGrazia offers—meaning they are more accessible for those who are new to energy conservation practices. For example, the guidelines suggest that simply by replacing old light bulbs with CFL units, homeowners can reduce their monthly energy costs.

Another insight offered in the article is that homeowners can replace their old cable boxes with Energy Star™ units, a great way to save energy. In fact, the article suggests that homeowners might simply contact their cable companies and ask the cable companies to make this change for them; many cable companies will do it, zealous to maintain the business of their loyal customers.

Still another suggestion is to invest in a programmable thermostat. By programming the temperature to drop by seven or eight degrees while family members are away from the home, significant energy savings can be achieved.

Other guidelines laid out in the article include sealing leaks around windows and doors; unplugging unused phone chargers and video game consoles; and more.


Dennis DeGrazia is a former contractor and current Director of Operations for Construction Energy Services, Inc. (CES). His current role in in retrofitting multi-family dwellings throughout the Boston area, seeking to improve energy efficiency. DeGrazia is a long-time authority on weatherization, energy conservation, and green design.

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