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AspDotNetStorefront releases social, multichannel selling solutions as both product and service.

EnnyWare multichannel selling solution
This innovative concept changes the face of online selling. Suddenly ‘just having a store’ is not good enough. EnnyWare is so much more than ‘just a store’.

Vortx, makers of the customizable multichannel shopping cart, AspDotNetStorefront, and of the high-powered data connector, branded as DotFeed, today release a new hosted (SaaS) multichannel selling solution which allows hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses around the globe to join the world of multichannel selling online.

This selling solution, which Vortx, Inc. describes as “so much more than just a store,” moves e-commerce from the traditional world where the burden was on the merchant to draw visitors to their online store, and instead gives them the power to take products to the shopper. Now, no matter where shoppers look, no matter what device they use, they can find products and offers that are targeted to them based on where they are in the sales cycle. “Shopping carts alone are no longer enough,” says Vortx CEO Dana Greaves. “With most off the shelf e-commerce software accessible to the small and medium sized businesses, merchants have been limited to offering the same style of shopping to everyone; a hurried first-time impulse visitor; an early-research prospective buyer; a long-standing loyal returner. We are innovating a shift to a paradigm that will serve all merchants more fully.”

The release of ‘EnnyWare’ begins what will no doubt be a trend for affordable online selling solutions – selling beyond the store. EnnyWare gives the online merchant an easy and intuitive way to load products into a product library, and then broadcast them to all the leading shopping engines (Google/shopping, Amazon,, Bing Ads etc.) so that products are advertised in the busiest ‘online shopping malls’ as well as displaying them on the home-store. This answers the challenge of distributed advertising. Even better, much better, is the fact that while en route to the shopping engines, product data passes through a set of rule-based filters that actually create unique shopping experiences for each shopping channel. In EnnyWare, merchants can use simple conditional if/then statements to create unique scenarios to control where products appear, how they look, what prices are displayed, and more. For example, a statement to change the look of the sales page, the price of the product and add a promotional offer only for products headed to might look like: ‘if this product costs more than $x and is headed to, then please mark it for sale, reduce the price by y% and display it on the template called ‘goodlife’. Another filter might be ‘if this product is in my category called ‘children’s clothing’ and the date is between June and September then please use the product image called ‘summerxxx’ and prefix the product name with ‘Lightweight’ and display it on the template called ‘bluesky’. Yet another might simply say ‘if my inventory is less than x for any product then exclude it from my ads’.

The point is that EnnyWare hands the online merchant the power to target shoppers with unique buying experiences and the opportunity to test and find out what works. Better still, what works best with which shoppers on which templates at which prices and using which devices.

EnnyWare delivers a product library, the marketing channels, the channel intelligence (commands), unlimited ‘minisites’, a main store (ideal for bringing back second-time shoppers, complete with loyalty/reward features) and reporting. Both main store and minisites offer many templates, including responsive design so that the many different looks ‘flex’ to appear beautifully on desktop, smartphone and tablet.

This innovative concept changes the face of online selling. Suddenly ‘just having a store’ is not good enough. EnnyWare is so much more than ‘just a store’.

Available as Software-as-a-Service (branded as the solution offers the first 30 days for free and starts from as little as $27 a month.

Also available as Software-as-a-Product ( comes of age and becomes multichannel with this announcement) the solution is available to those merchants who prefer to own, customize and host their own business solution. A package complete with source (store) code can be purchased starting from $5900.

Please visit and for more information, where you will find fully staffed live-chat operating for 12 hours each day. Telephone 541-201-9965.
About Vortx

Founded in 1991, Vortx, Inc. is a privately-held company focused on bringing a wide range of products and services to those serious about online success. Headquartered in Ashland, OR, the company employs a diversely-skilled staff of developers, designers and search-engine specialists along with the infrastructure to support them.

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