Highly Regarded Facial Plastic Surgeon Discusses Emotional Effects Of Facial Deformities in Children & Adolescents

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World-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, and Director of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills comments on the emotional difficulties surrounding childhood deformities.

facial paralysis
When a child is dealing with a severe facial deformity, be it large and uneven ears, a disproportionate nose, facial paralysis, or facial trauma that has left features disfigured.

According to a recent article by ABC News, the emotional difficulties surrounding facial deformities in children can cause extreme stress and self-confidence issues at very young ages. Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, and expert facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, believes that understanding options for facial reconstruction procedures in children and adolescents can provide an improved self-image for the right candidate.

“When a child is dealing with a severe facial deformity, be it large and uneven ears, a disproportionate nose, facial paralysis, or facial trauma that has left features disfigured, it’s important to understand that steps can be taken to help them overcome image related stresses,” said Dr. Azizzadeh.

Though the topic of children undergoing cosmetic surgery may seem like taboo to some, more and more parents are turning to expert facial plastic surgeons to help their child overcome bullying at school. When parents or children are considering this type of solution, the necessity of selecting an experienced and knowledgeable doctor capable of producing natural results is of the utmost importance.

“The child is still going to grow, change, and develop, which makes bringing natural results very crucial,” said Dr. Azizzadeh. “At my practice, there are certain age requirements that children must meet to undergo a procedure to ensure a safe and healthy result. For example, a child wishing to have his or her ears pinned back must be at least 5 years old as the ears are not stable enough until then,” said Dr. Azizzadeh.

In 2012 alone, more than 11,000 otoplasty (ear surgery) procedures were performed in children under the age of 18 across the country. As the director of both the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery and the Facial Paralysis Institute in Beverly Hills, Dr. Azizzadeh has helped children and adolescents feel better about their appearance through a number of procedures, including otoplasty, as well as surgery to correct facial paralysis.

"When a child is born with facial paralysis or suffers a trauma that compromises the facial nerve, I'm able to repair their smile through truly revolutionary procedures. I've found that younger children benefit most from a two part procedure in which I connect the adjacent facial nerve to the paralyzed side of the face, stimulating reanimation. During the second procedure, the gracilis muscle is transplanted from the high with it's nerve and vein intact, which brings even better results for my patients," said Dr. Azizzadeh

Additionally, Dr. Azizzadeh explains the importance of a child's maturity and personal desire to have a procedure performed. The decision to undergo surgery needs to be the patient's and not just the influence of the parents.

“If I am working with a young patient, I make it a point to make sure this is something they are ready to undergo and that they aren’t feeling pressured by any outside forces,” said world-renowned facial plastic surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS is the Director of the Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Dr. Azizzadeh is Harvard-trained and board-certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. Due to his vast expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and excellent reputation, he is one of the most sought-after surgeons in the United States. Dr. Azizzadeh graduated from the UCLA School of Medicine with high honors, and continued his training by completing a six-year residency program in Head and Neck Surgery / Facial Plastic Surgery at UCLA Medical Center.

For additional information regarding the cosmetic surgery for children and teens, or if you have other questions for Dr. Azizzadeh, please visit http://www.facialplastics.info or call 310-657-2203.

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