Organic Farming Advocate, Colle Farmers Market, Responds to Organic Farm's Use of Aquaponics

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Colle Farmers Market responds to an article posted by the Times Record News discussing the use of aquaponics in organic farming.

On February 28, Colle Farmers Market responds to an article posted by the Times Record News discussing the use of aquaponics as a contribution to organic farming techniques.

Hanaba Welch’s article reports that H&R Organic Farms in Texas is using aquaponics, a system of food production that sustainably combines hydroponic plant cultivation with aquaculture (raising aquatic animals) in order to create symbiotic environments in which to grow produce and raise animals.

“[A] couple of miles east of the picturesque landmark St. Joseph’s Church, H&R Organic Farms is using aquaponics to grow and raise everything from tomatoes to tilapia in a toxin-free environment that might be compared to the organic farming methods of those first settlers if soil were part of the process. It isn’t, not for the most part. Instead, pampered greenhouse plants grow on tilapia tank water that’s undergone a natural bacterial process to produce the required plant nutrients.”

The article describes the organic farming process as a “self-sustaining cycle between the fish and plants and worms and worms and chickens and the future bees.” The food produced outside of the greenhouse environment is also cultivated with aquaponic methods, says the article. Fish waste and clippings are used as source of nutrients and fertilizer. H&R Organic Farms is noted for growing produce and raising animals without using synthetic materials, poisons, or growth hormones. The article states that the farm's goal is to be being completely self-sustaining without any outside assistance. Co-owner Lee Rowland asserts that H&R is “a no-waste farm.” Renewable energy is also mentioned as a future aim, and the article says that the farm has already made some headway in this direction.

Colle Farmers Market responds to the question of using aquaponics in organic farming with enthusiasm. A representative from Colle states that the operational goals being pursued at H&R are commendable and their “no-waste” approach provides an excellent model for the rest of the organic farming community. The dedication to using natural fertilizers, recycling materials, and the commitment to using renewable sources of energy are all recognized as excellent organic farming practices. Colle Farmers Market welcomes the proliferation of aquaponics among the organic farming community as we develop more refined methods for keeping production methods safe, natural and sustainable.

Colle is an E-Commerce enabled farmers market community that is passionate about sustainable consumption and responsible conservation. The Colle movement is dedicated to connecting natural product vendors, organic farmers and all people who are living an organic and natural lifestyle.

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