Mahir Reiss Reflects on New Information Detailing Effective Physical Therapy Treatments

A new article explains a range of physical therapy treatments and the appropriate ailments that they work to resolve. Mahir Reiss comments on the proper use of these styles of treatment.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

A new article released by The Huffington Post discusses a range of physical therapy options, as well as the specific situations in which these treatments are most effective. From muscle spasms to connective tissue injuries, there is a specific treatment plan that best targets each condition. Physical therapist Mahir Reiss comments on these treatment strategies.

A physical therapy professional has the ability to treat a variety of injuries, however this person must get to the root cause of the problem or else the issue will continue to resurface. Dr. Reiss explains that in some instances, a client will come in complaining of one pain or ache, not realizing that there is an underlying problem that needs treating. For this reason, a full physical examination is one of the most important parts of a patient’s first meeting with a physical therapist. During a preliminary exam, a practitioner will identify problems that an individual may be facing, while also working to get to the root of the initial discomfort.

Once a diagnosis is received, a patient is able to begin a treatment plan to resolve the situation. Manual therapy is often a part of this plan and involves using stretching, massage, and hands-on strengthening exercises to reeducate the body about proper mechanics and movements.

Ice and heat are also popular choices for healing aches and pains, however many patients are misinformed about the best instances to use these tools. As Mahir Reiss explains, “Ice is most effective when used on injuries that deal with inflammation and swelling. Ice constricts blood vessels, therefore reducing inflammation. It also helps to make a joint more mobile. Heat, on the other hand, works well in situations involving muscular spasms and tightness.”

Ultrasound has also become a popular form of treatment, especially for those dealing with connective tissue injuries. During this process, a physical therapist will use sound waves to generate heat deep in the body, thus loosening up tissues. While ultrasound is a useful supplement for those dealing with connective tissue problems, such as knee injuries, one must understand that exercise and manual therapy are also necessary in order to promote a full recovery.

Exercise is also a popular form of treatment for those dealing with injury or chronic pain. Though it may seem counterintuitive, carefully planned exercises help patients move better as they strengthen muscles and address any lingering imbalances. Many injuries actually stem from a sedentary lifestyle; so controlled movement is a useful tool in battling injury.


Mahir Reiss is a physical therapist who owns and operates his own practices Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy. At his office, Dr. Reiss and his team provide a range of services to clients, including aquatic therapy, massage, nutritional counseling, and manual therapy. The practitioners serve professional athletes, children, elderly individuals, and others who are working to come back from surgery, overcome an injury, and fight chronic pain.


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