MiLeox™ Continues Launching New Innovations in the Area of Skincare Supplements with its Advanced Range of Anti-Aging Products

MiLeox™ full range of products will be available exclusively through Perfect Choice Trading Inc.

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Placentox Cell Infusion Cream & Placentox Cell Fluid

Placentox Cell Infusion Cream & Placentox Cell Fluid

... scientifically proven anti-aging formulated products.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 08, 2013

As baby boomers reached their 60s, more money than ever had to be spent on anti-aging products ranging from BOTOX® to surgically enhanced cosmetic surgeries. Most of the spent expenses only generate mediocre to risky results. Not anymore, with MiLeox™ advanced range of scientifically proven anti-aging formulated products. The whole range applies the non-invasive approach methods in the form of serum, cream or gel; which are produced using Nano-Technology, Peptides and Cellular Technology. The results of these products greatly enhanced absorption of supplements to the highest level.

The more recent released, are Placentox Cell Infusion - Clinical Repair Cream and Placentox Cell Fluid - DermAsthetic Therapy which has been fully tested and certified by researcher in the United States, Russia, New Zealand and Germany. The Placentox products are invented as a BOTOX® alternative in wrinkles and aging treatments. Based upon the clinically proven ovine placenta extract and HYLACROSS™ technology processed hyaluronic acid (HA) substances. Using Placentox will greatly reduce and sometimes reverse all signs of premature aging, sun damages and other form of aging skin conditions. User's skin will feel rejuvenated and moisturized; giving the impressions of youthfulness.

Perfect Choice Trading Inc., the chosen wholesaler for MiLEOX™ range of products was first established in 2001; and it’s located in the metropolitan area of New York City. This company is fast becoming a forerunner in providing beauty & skin care and health supplement products for cell therapy - seeking to deliver innovative and life changing nutritional dietary supplements and cosmetics to its clients. The company has long imprint its dominant stance in the supply chain to small & medium companies including cosmetic retail store, beauty spa, pharmacy, beauty clinic and dermatologist market. They are now ready to expand their distribution network to the rest of the world including Greater China. Perfect Choice Trading Inc. are able to provides their distributors and customers the most comprehensive and thoughtful services with a team of professional with a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry. They are optimistic that with the supplies of high quality products, becoming the next innovation in beauty skin care is inevitable.


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