ThedaCare Center CEO Pens New Articles in Frontiers, Health Affairs

Dr. Toussaint discusses lean’s impact on the industry and which strategies CEOs should pursue.

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(PRWEB) March 11, 2013

ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value CEO John Toussaint, MD, authored A Management, Leadership and Board Roadmap to Transforming Care of Patients in the latest Frontiers of Health Services, a publication of the American College of Healthcare Executives. The article highlights the need for patient care standards and uniform accountability for management and leadership.

Dr. Toussaint outlines the management-by-process operating system and its key principles: value for patients, clarity of purpose, continuous improvement, one-piece flow for patient care, standard work for administration and clinical care, and respect for people.

These principles are also a driving force behind a recent Health Affairs article, co-authored by a leading group of healthcare CEOs including Dr. Toussaint. Ten Strategies to Lower Costs, Improve Quality, and Engage Patients: The View from Leading Health Systems CEOs is a follow-up to last summer’s article, A CEO Checklist for High-Value Health Care, also published in Health Affairs.

Ten Strategies outlines key approaches and action steps for reducing costs and waste while improving outcomes. It describes how implementation of these strategies benefits both healthcare organizations and patients through real-life examples.

“To transform healthcare in a sustainable way, the industry needs buy-in and action from top leadership,” Dr. Toussaint said. “Both of these articles talk about the humility and thoughtful lead-by-example attitude we need from more healthcare CEOs.”

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