Read. Listen. Feel: Readmusync Launches the App "The Curse of Woodrock: Twins"

An unknown situation where you will experience a central role.

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An unknown situation where you will experience a central role: Have you really ever been between the devil and the deep blue sea?.

A new media concept (available on the App Store and on Google play)

A thrilling thriller with strain from beginning to end

Santiago de Compostela, Spain (PRWEB) March 20, 2013

Synchronizing music, text and images immerses the reader into a multisensory experience: It is the result of merging the reader itself, art and science into a world halfway between cinema, music and literature:Try a whole new reading experience that you will never forget!.

Is it a book? Is it a soundtrack? No, it’s a SyncBook!:Our first SyncBook, a new media type, is "The Curse of Woodrock: Twins".

A reading by Readmusync: RMS is a content developer, a start-up developed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals who combine their experience and concerns in order to create attractive, innovative and high-quality products (RMS collaborates in R&D work with the group ISAAC -Interdisciplinary Systems Approach in Artificial Cognition-, at the University of Zaragoza, Spain).


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