Pay It Forward Apparel Looks to Stand Out In a Growing Market by Offering A New Feature that Empowers Young Philanthropists

PIF Apparel introduces a unique "round-up" feature that adds more charitable giving to each purchase.

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Generation Give

Apparel for World Change

Our website is set up to empower our customers. It is extremely important to us that they have the power to select which charity to support, but also the level of support (financially).

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) March 23, 2013

Changing the world as an individual can be an overwhelming task to say the least, but changing the world as a society, or generation starts to become more realistic. That is exactly the message that PIF Apparel is sharing with their customers. The company sells t-shirts to help raise money for charity, allowing customers to decide which organization receives the funds. PIF is also teaching its customers how to make sure that their generosity will make a lasting impact by only promoting non-profits that have a high level of financial integrity.

Pay It Forward really does take the world of socially responsible clothing to a whole new level. They are not the first to come up with a line of t-shirts that raises money for charity, but they are the first to do it in a way that intentionally aligns with the future of philanthropy. What sets PIF Apparel apart from the growing number of socially responsible companies is their commitment to educating their customers about the importance of “smarter” giving.

The PIF vetting process to partner with charities requires each of its partners to have an exceptional financial rating with Charity Navigator. The idea behind this requirement is to help teach customers to selectively give to organizations that are committed to using their resources for making a difference, rather than growing a brand. Ultimately more financial resources to the cause will mean a faster impact on the end goal of the non-profit.

PIF has also recently introduced a “round-up” feature into their online shopping experience. This unique feature allows customers to round-up their sale to whatever price they desire. PIF then donates 100% of all round-up money to the charity that the customer has selected. PIF founder, Matthew Moses has stated, “Our website is set up to empower our customers. It is extremely important to us that they have the power to select which charity to support, but also the level of support (financially).”

In addition to offering a variety of shirts, Pay It Forward also offers a variety of charities for customers to support. The company currently represents more than a dozen different non-profit organizations that are eligible to receive a portion of every item sold. All of the organizations represent a different cause which aligns with the PIF mentality of letting the customer decide what they are passionate about, rather than trying to sell any one charity over another.

It is still too early to tell whether or not PIF is going to be a huge success; the company has only been around for a few months. However, their product is already getting rave reviews from customers and the company is starting to gain traction through social media. In summary, PIF Apparel is definitely worth checking out for any would-be philanthropist, or those just looking to make a difference with what they wear.


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