Residential Drywall Contractors Assemble Panel to Guide Plexxis in Creating Residential Drywall Scheduling and Resource Planning Tools

Plexxis Software further enhances its drywall construction estimating software, digital take off and Drywall ERP with residential scheduling and resource planning tools designed by panel of top performing drywaller contractors.

Toronto, ONTARIO (PRWEB) March 23, 2013

Plexxis Software is excited to announce it is adding residential scheduling and resource planning tools to the WinBID drywall estimating software, digital Takeoff, and Drywall ERP solution. The residential drywall tools are being designed with the help of an expert panel of top performing residential drywall contractors.

Chris Loranger, President and C.E.O. of Plexxis explains; “This project is already showing great promise and we have only just begun. These tools will reduce the number of days our customers spend on every house, automatically trigger each stage of work, automate invoicing, and significantly improve communication so our drywallers can provide an even higher level of customer service then they already do.”

Chad Pearson, Business Developer for Plexxis adds; “Our biggest advantage is that we have no other trades to consider when developing toolsets. Every panel we assemble is made up of drywall contractors who all share similar problems, yet have different perspectives on how to solve them. These perspectives help us create the most effective drywall solutions possible. The residential scheduling and resource planning panel is no different…We are again introducing an unparalleled tool to the trade.”

Plexxis invites all drywall/interior systems contractors to learn how the Plexxis Drywall ERP, WinBID drywall construction estimating software and Digital Takeoff will maximize profit and efficiency. Contractors can book one on one demonstrations or register for any Plexxis webinar.

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Plexxis Software specializes in single platform interior systems software, drywall construction estimating software, digital take off, and integrated mobile device/tablet solutions. Since 1999, Plexxis has been committed to the trade resulting in solutions that handle every commercial, residential, high rise and industrial scenario possible.


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