The Real Tooth Fairies Brand for Girls Has Explosive 600% Growth

The Royal Council of Real Fairyland announced today that unique visitors to the company’s award-winning website - - has topped the 6 million mark. An incredible 600% year over year growth that has seen traffic explode with visitors from over 181 countries around the world.

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) March 27, 2013

The Royal Council of Real Fairyland announced today that unique visitors to the company’s award-winning website - - has topped the 6 million mark. An incredible 600% year over year growth that has seen traffic explode with visitors from over 181 countries around the world.

The Real Tooth Fairies is an award-winning entertainment property for girls that delivers the complete Tooth Fairy experience. At the same time, it answers everything the world has wanted to know about the celebrity with the mysterious identity, the Tooth Fairy. Entering this magical interactive world, girls first get matched to their own Tooth Fairy with an enchanting reveal of her talking to them. This begins a heart-warming friendship that takes place both in a girl’s real world with magic pillow deliveries and also with the girl playing in the Tooth Fairy’s world.

The fun begins when girls create and dress up their own ME Doll who has her own room in the fairy castle with a royal dress-up closet. From here, girls explore over 50 attractions inside Real Fairyland. Edutaining activities build character and confidence in girls ages 5-10 amidst the captivating play. A girl’s friendship with her Tooth Fairy is so personalized that girls can “magic message” their Tooth Fairy online and receive back Tooth Fairy letters with advice, praise and encouragement – right on their real Earth pillows (with parent permission of course)!

When an Earthie Girl, as girls are called by the Tooth Fairies, enters the gates of Real Fairyland - - she’ll create her own Lost Tooth Garden, see where her Tooth Fairy takes her lost teeth, make her Real Dream Tree that shows her dreams and talents, float down the Magic Streets to see other Earthie girl visitors, and play games like Poof Potion Shop and Make-Over Magic. She’ll take a ride on a Magic Unicorn she designs herself, and discover the award-winning storybook series that tells the courageous and kind act that each fairy did to become a Real Tooth Fairy. Girls and parents alike are excited to discover the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues – each lost tooth brings a virtue flower like teamwork, listening, and patience from the Queen’s Virtue Garden. And families love the humorous “How To Brush Your Teeth” webisode that motivates every girl to brush for a glowy smile. After watching this, brushing each day brings guaranteed giggles.

Families can even find an official Real Tooth Fairy Dentist in the US, Canada, South America and India. Most importantly, girls are interacting in a certified Kid-Safe play environment with other Earthie Girls from over 181 countries. As a result of the plethora of features, when girls discover this world, they stay and immerse with an average of 11 to12 page views per visit, which speaks to the engagement the girls have with this brand, as they return over and over again.

“The Tooth Fairy is one of the most recognizable characters in the world,” says Marilyn Bollinger, President of the Real Tooth Fairies, LLC. “With every girl losing 20 teeth, the Tooth Fairy is already making 200 million visits to girls’ homes in the United States alone. With major English speaking countries, it’s 600 million. Now these millions of girls can finally know their Tooth Fairy – this is so important to a girl. And it turns out that the Tooth Fairy is like a wise and adoring big sister, with parents embracing her inspiring messages that build their daughters’ self esteem and character.”

Bollinger is the author of 30 Disney books and has consulted for LeapFrog, Fisher-Price and other top children’s companies. As a licensed clinical social worker, she practices family and children’s therapy and is a leader of parenting workshops. And of course, she’s honored to be the Earth’s ambassador to all things Real Fairyland, where Love is Magic and Every Kindness Counts!

Since assuming this role, Bollinger has recruited some top-flight Earthie friends to make sure the interactive world is a huge success. They include top executives formerly with Mattel, Hasbro and Disney Interactive, an award-winning children’s book author and other experts from the toy and entertainment industries.

“Girls love to spend time with their Real Tooth Fairy and so many parents tell us about the positive impact the experience has on their girls’ lives – even how it translates to improved school performance,” says Bollinger. “And the girls take the lessons they learn right back to Earth by spreading kindness on Earth at home and at school.” In fact, The Real Tooth Fairies Kindness Kits have been honored by Creative Child Magazine, with its “2012 Kid’s Product of the Year Award” and by Dr. Toy with the “Top Ten Toys of the Year” in the socially responsible category. The Kindness Kits are an extension of the online Every Kindness Counts program that tracks the kind acts girls pick on the website as they do the kindness in their families and communities.

“Girls are inspired by their Tooth Fairy, but they inspire us too,” says Bollinger. “One recent Earthie letter we received was from a six year-old who thanked her Tooth Fairy for bringing her money. She said that she planned to save it and share it with poor families as a kindness. Girls continuously write to tell us about the kindness they are doing because they know the fairies track the Earth Kindness Count on a magical scoreboard that girls can view daily. And with the exploding growth of millions more girls meeting their Real Tooth Fairies and spreading kindness, the outlook is good for the Earth becoming a kinder place.”