New Luv Towel Helps Lovers Keep Things Clean While They’re Gettin' Dirty

A new novelty product called the Luv Towel makes love-making more sanitary, more comfortable, and more fun.

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The Luv Towel Logo

This logo is printed on a large plush towel.

The Luv Towel makes sex cleaner and more enjoyable, plus it can be a fun low-stress way to invite your partner into bed.

Parker, Colorado (PRWEB) March 11, 2013

Every experienced couple knows that sex can often be messy. How do you keep your bed, sofa, or kitchen counter clean? Paper tissues? A bath towel? Nothing at all? Nobody ever talks about this, so each couple has their own solution.

That's where The Luv Towel comes in. It's a 60" by 30" plush towel for laying down wherever a couple wants to have sex.

The creator of the towel, Matthew Healy, says he and his wife have been using a "sex towel" for nearly 14 years. Finally, he decided to popularize the idea by creating The Luv Towel.

"I really wanted to come up with a tasteful name and logo for the product so that it would appeal to both men and women. It makes sex cleaner and more enjoyable, plus it can be a fun low-stress way to invite your partner into bed. Laying the towel out in full view sends a pretty clear message."

The towel's creator hopes it will appeal to people who like to keep things clean while they're having sex. He suggests stashing one in the car for impromptu backseat trysts and keeping another at home to keep the bed clean.

The Luv Towel is made from 100% cotton, so it is also comfortable. "Carpet and grass are itchy. Counters and chairs are hard. But with The Luv Towel, any surface can be quickly converted into a comfortable love-making space," says Healy.

The Luv Towel is currently available for purchase directly through its website. For now, there is one size and color. The towel is five feet long and two and a half feet wide, big enough for even taller than average people. At a future date, Healy hopes to make the towel available in additional sizes and colors.



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