Asahi Announces the Launch of Touch Screen Applications with Gen Next Automation Efficiency for Premium Smartphone

Touch screen applications just got smarter with the recent announcement by Asahi Technologies.

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New York Metro Area, NY (PRWEB) April 07, 2013

Touch screen applications just got smarter with the recent announcement by Asahi Technologies. Their state of the art technology in touch screens can allow millions of smartphone users to make the most of their premium devices. This capacitive high performance screen solution helps users to make the most of their existing gadgets. With so much research going on in the present time to enhance the experience for smartphone users through high performance application development, faster browsing of the web, along with console quality gaming, it is high time to deal with the lingering problems related to touch screens and resolve those issues.

Asahi Technologies is bringing in a revolution in the existing touch screen technology with its recent solutions. These tailor made smartphone solutions are to deal with noise interference and allow minimal latency. The design of this application enables smooth and precise touch screen experience and it works best of devices with displays within the 6-inch range. There is an Analog Front End (AFE) present along with advanced filter algorithms, and an integrated charged pump. The filter algorithm related to the touch screen application provides industry leading Signal to Interference and Signal to Noise performance.

When it comes to noise immunity, Asahi application provides the highest level of performance. The advanced algorithms and high SNR enable accurate multi-touch capabilities under varied scenarios that include use of a gloved finger or moisture presence. These high-end multi-touch capabilities increase the productivity of workers and add to the profitability of various facilities. OEMs looking for providing their consumers with flexi input options can find an ideal ally in this Asahi touch screen application. It allows for simultaneous finger and pen touch recognition, jitter control, linearity, and passive tracking of pen having pinpoint accuracy.

Users can go for finger or stylus to access the phone applications using the touch screen capabilities. Even a stylus as small as 2 mm, can work wonderfully on the smartphone device without the user experiencing problems. This state of the art application supports expansive sensor stackups, and in the process, allows an increased flexibility for OEM, and enables thinner designs than ever before.

This is a well-known fact that the very first level of user interaction with their smartphone is inevitably via the available touch screen. In the present time, the sophistication of this high-end device is accelerating at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is necessary for the touch screen to keep up with the changes going on. This endeavor from Asahi Technologies is definitely a step in the right direction. With this state of the art application solution for the touch screen, OEMs now can increase in confidence while providing their end users with an accurate and smoothest touch experience, which is available presently.

This highly neglected smartphone component definitely gets a new lease of life with this crucial Asahi touch screen, application development. This is all about enhanced displays and visibility along with complete ease of use.


  • Vinod Subbaiah
    Asahi Technologies LLC c/o Corp Serv Co
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