BRM Announces End Brushes for Surface Finishing in Hard-to-Reach Areas; Applications Include Parts Cleaning, Deburring, and Polishing

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) announces solid wire, knotted wire, and circular flared end brushes for superior surface finishing in tight, recessed, and hard-to-reach areas. Applications for these industrial brushes include cleaning molds and welds, polishing dies and internal cavities, removing carbon deposits, deburring and spot facing, and removing rust, paint, slag, and scale.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), makers of a full line of industrial brushes, announces solid wire, knotted wire, and circular flared end brushes for surface finishing applications. These Made in the U.S.A. brushing tools are ideal for removing rust, paint, slag, scale, and carbon deposits. BRM end brushes are also great for cleaning mold and welds; polishing dies and internal cavities; and cleaning castings.

Manufacturers and hobbyists can now buy solid wire, knotted wire, and circular flared end brushes via the BRM website or its distributor network. Versatile and easy-to-use, BRM brush tools are a favorite of both the auto parts industry and automotive hobbyists. Applications include removing carbon deposits from piston heads, engine cylinders, valve seats, and other automotive parts.

Solid Wire End Brushes and Knotted Wire End Brushes

Solid wire end brushes are ideal for surface finishing applications in tight, recessed, and hard-to-reach places. These BRM power brushes are used with handheld tools for cleaning and surface finishing in a variety of applications, including paint removal, weld and carbon cleaning, and parts deburring.

BRM offers four types of solid wire end brushes: standard, banded, cup protector, and abrasive nylon end. Product specifications for the first three types include diameter, filament material, and filament size. Abrasive nylon end brushes are also specified by diameter, but with specs for abrasive and grit.

Standard brushes are designed for general-purpose surface blending, cleaning and polishing. These solid wire end brushes can be used also on CNC equipment. Banded brush tools provide less flare and more precise control at the filament tips. Industrial brushes with coated cup protectors eliminate marring and scratching on adjoining surfaces in deep well applications.

Knotted wire end brushes are also great for deburring, cleaning, and removing rust or scale. Because of their design, however, these BRM power brushes clean more aggressively than standard solid end wire brushes. Product specifications include diameter, filament material, and filament size. Choose standard or banded knotted wire end brushes, and order BRM end brushes with a coated cup protector.

Circular Flared End Brushes

Circular flared end brushes provide a soft cutting action and won’t score blind-hole bottoms. Their excellent side cleaning action makes these BRM end brushes an ideal choice for weld or mold cleaning, rust and paint removal, deburring or spot facing, and polishing.

Available in diameters ranging from 1 to 4 inches, circular flared end brushes are made with carbon steel (CS) or stainless steel (SS) filaments. Wire sizes vary, and product specifications for circular flared end brushes include trim length and maximum safe speed, which is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).

About Brush Research Manufacturing

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) is a Made in the U.S.A. manufacturer located in Los Angeles, California. Since 1958, BRM has been solving difficult finishing problems with brushing technology. BRM’s Flex-Hone® tool is the standard against which all other surface finishing tools are compared.

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