Storworks Has Unlocked How to Increase Available Storage Capacity by up to 30% or more to Reduce the Cost to Store Data

Industry averages show over 90% of online storage contains inappropriate content that is not relevant to the organization. TrueFile® is one of the first applications to manage data through it's life cycle with enterprise policies to improve efficiency and reduce storage cost.

Round Rock, TX (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

Make more room for storage by eliminating unnecessary files from your network.
Businesses continue to produce and receive more data that must be saved in their systems. The problem of where to store data with so many new devices like tablets and smart phones is never ending for many businesses. This problem causes high data management costs because of a lack of monitoring and more importantly automated management.

TrueFile® analyzes the data on a network and provides a detailed report that can help businesses decide how to organize their data and even create automated policies for better efficiency and lower cost.

Businesses that typically add storage for new projects can often reduce the amount required by performing a simple storage assessment first. This software has an automated scheduler to allow regular scans at predetermined times so you can continue to monitor the environment and insure changes remain in effect. For more information, please visit Storwoks.


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