Intradyn Email Archiving Appliances: New Operating System for On-Premise and Cloud Email Storage

New collaborative features and availability in Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

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Their ability to do complex search request and getting results in a flash within a high volume environment proves that our architecture is well engineered and scalable.

Mendota Heights, MN (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

Intradyn, the leader in simple, affordable appliance solutions for automated email archiving and retrieval, today announced an upgrade to its email archiving operating system software. This software powers the company's popular line of email archiving appliances, including the RazorSafe Appliance and the Orca Virtual Appliance.

The Intradyn Archive Operating System (AOS) version 5.2.1 provides collaborative eDiscovery amongst multiple archives. This provides for large deployment scalability as well as allowing an individual user to share search results with other users, decreasing the load on the email archiving server(s) and tremendously assisting users with collaboration.

AOS 5.2.1 release brings significant improvements to the Intradyn Orca Virtual Appliance. In particular, the Orca Virtual Appliance can now be implemented in the Microsoft Hyper-V environment. “We released the Orca in a VMware environment less than a year ago, and now our email archiving technology is also available to Microsoft shops. This shows our ability and dedication towards Virtualization”, said Azam Qureshi, President and CTO of Intradyn. In addition, the current users of our Orca Virtual Appliance can take advantage of Intradyn’s award winning Remote Backup Technology.

The current release is another step toward Intradyn's goal of providing unlimited email storage matched with equivalent processing power across all of its appliance lines. “We are receiving positive feedback from our customers. Their ability to do complex search request and getting results in a flash within a high volume environment proves that our architecture is well engineered and scalable. We believe that this is where the archiving appliance technology is headed. We will see more and more of the vendors following suit”, said Adnan Olia, Chief Operating Officer of Intradyn.

About Intradyn

Intradyn™, a privately held company, was founded in 2001 and created its first product in 2003. Intradyn™ had a vision of creating a next-generation disk-based network backup and archiving appliance that could solve three common problems: no assurance of successful backup, unacceptably slow retrieval, and restore failure. In early 2004, Intradyn™ introduced a first-of-its-kind email archiving appliance for small to midsized organizations.

Today, Intradyn™ is a recognized leader in e-Discovery and email archiving, producing cutting edge products for organizations of all sizes. In addition, Intradyn™ licenses its technology to leading technology companies in their vertical markets who wish to private label. Intradyn email archiving appliances are deployed in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific Rim. Additional information is available from the company's web site,, or by calling 651.203.4600.


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