JaysonFeltner.com Releases Playlist with the Perfect BPM Per Minute for Runners

The ideal BPM Per Minute of running is proven to help runners set personal records. The timing of each song is perfectly calculated to help runners achieve 8 minute miles for their next 5k race.

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The Ideal Running Playlist

"Focus on at least 90 steps per minute with each leg." - Timothy Ferriss

Odessa, TX (PRWEB) April 28, 2013

Jayson Feltner releases his newly mixed playlist chocked full of modern and classic rock and hip hop to help runners improve their times. As the running season approaches, runners around the world are preparing to beat last year’s times. This playlist is designed to be the perfect BPM per minute of running playlist available today.

Breaking down the perfect stride rate of world class runners, Jayson Feltner has found 180 steps per minute to be the ideal sub 25 minute 5k pace. Timothy Ferriss backs this up in his world renowned book "The 4-Hour Body."

Jayson Feltner has combined his advice on how to run a 5k this weekend and his knowledge of how to create the perfect playlist to set a record to create his current 5k playlist. This new playlist features the perfect BPM per minute of running for runners to easily achieve sub 8 minute miles.

Download this playlist to your portable music device and the BPM per minute of running pace will subconsciously sync your body with your desired pace. Jayson Feltner's perfectly timed current 5k playlist can be found on JaysonFeltner.com


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