Announces a Universal iPad POS, Android POS, Surface POS Stand Solution

A universal tablet point of sale stand for 7"-12" tablets with security option.

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Pad Grip Universal

"Works with 7"-12" Tablets"

Simi Valley, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2013

Solve-It! Store is proud to introduce the Pad Grip Universal. A POS stand solution for iPad point of sale or Android point of sale. It is compatible with any iPad, Android, and Surface tablet. Unique to the product is the ability to adjust for 7"-12" diagonal screen size tablets, making it the most versatile product on the market. Using simple thumbscrews, the user can adjust as necessary to accommodate their tablet. Also included are security screws with an allen wrench to deter theft by locking the adjustable arms in place. The Pad Grip Universal is available in many different stand configurations.

Pad Grip Universal Features & Specifications

7"-12" Diagonal tablet sizes, Large and Small

Engineered for use with all Credit Card Readers

Foam Padding to protect Tablet Surfaces

Security screws includes with allen wrench to deter theft

Easily adjustable using thumb screws

Optional Kensington® Click-Safe lock compatibility for high security (recommended for self-service or unattended solutions)

Access/Openings: Power, volume, lock orientation, front/rear camera on most tablets

360 degrees of swivel

70 Degrees of tilt

Designed for high-volume/commercial use

Easy cooling and access points

Riser accessory Compatible

Solve-It! Store is a California manufacturer of iPad point of sale stands and other tablet products.


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Pad Grip Universal Pad Grip Universal

Pad Grip Pro Universal

Pad Grip Universal Pad Grip Universal

Pad Grip Pro Universal

PGM With Riser PGM With Riser

PGM With Riser