Understanding, Managing, and Profiting from the Boundary-free Enterprise™

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Saugatuck Technology research report provides model, impact and guidance for business value of Cloud IT.

Recent Cloud-driven changes in services, technologies, and capabilities have shaped a radical and complete re-thinking of the roles, responsibilities, capabilities, and value of enterprise IT and Business organizations – mainly by vividly demonstrating new possibilities, new economies, new ways of doing business, and new businesses entirely.

This high-speed revolution of Cloud-enabled business and IT is both enabled by, and itself enables, a fundamental change in how companies of all types and sizes are structured, organized, and managed, which Saugatuck Technology calls the “Boundary-free Enterprise™” (BfE) – and which is the subject of the company’s latest 30-page research report, Saugatuck’s Boundary-free Enterprise™ Model: Concept, Impacts, and Guidance.

“Saugatuck Technology introduced the foundational BfE concept a few years ago, to help conceptualize and illustrate what were then-emergent effects of Cloud-based IT and business capabilities on traditional enterprise business structure and operations. We termed that foundational model the ‘Boundary-free Enterprise™’, and since then have been assessing and detailing its real-life effects on how IT is acquired, how it is reshaping understanding, planning, and managing IT and business risk and reward, and its impacts on the roles and relevance of IT organizations and IT providers,” stated Saugatuck VP and Distinguished Analyst Mike West, BfE visionary and one of the lead authors of the report.

“This boundary-free shift in acquisition of business and IT resources will transform information technology provision and use. This inevitable transformation will change how users see, work with, and manage providers, and how providers see, work with, and manage other providers,” added Saugatuck SVP and Head of Research Bruce Guptill, another of the report’s authors.

Available immediately via Saugatuck’s web site, this Strategic Research Report summarizes and presents key concepts of the BfE foundation, and includes re-examinations of previous foundational Saugatuck research to illustrate the model’s original, core assumptions and expectations. As with any reality-driven model, the BfE model is evolving, and will continue to be examined and expanded in upcoming research published for Saugatuck clients.

Readers of this report will learn the following:

  • How is the BfE concept affecting real-world IT acquisition, cost, and usage?
  • What are the five critical forces enabling and being accelerated by the BfE?
  • How, where, and why is the BfE revolution changing what IT providers are building and bringing to market, along with their core value to buyers and users?
  • What should IT buyers be doing to take advantage of this growing “boundary-free” reality, and how must it be managed to avoid chaos?

Ongoing subscribers to Saugatuck’s Continuous Research Services (CRS) can download the report after signing in to their accounts at http://bit.ly/17tAANZ. Non-subscribers can purchase the report at the following link: http://bit.ly/ZZkZzs.

About Saugatuck Technology
Saugatuck Technology, Inc. provides subscription research and management consulting services focused on the key market trends and disruptive technologies driving change in enterprise IT, including Cloud Business Solutions and Infrastructure, Social Computing, Mobility and Advanced Analytics, key contributors to the emerging Boundary-free Enterprise™. Founded in 1999, Saugatuck is headquartered in Westport, CT, with offices in Santa Clara, CA and in Wiesbaden, Germany. For more information, please visit http://www.saugatucktechnology.com or call +1.203.454.3900.

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