Job Seeker Alert: Career Directors International Advises on the Importance of Vetting a Resume Writer’s Qualifications

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The economy has made resume writing a hot profession but anyone can set up a fantastic website and say whatever they want regardless of their true qualifications. Therefore, Career Directors International has established criteria to help job seekers avoid predatory or under-qualified firms to ensure they enlist the caliber of experienced professional who will lead them back to work faster and at a higher payscale.

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Anyone can call themselves a resume writer, making it possible for a job seeker to be misled by a great website. In response, CDI has established criteria that job seekers can use to ensure they have a positive experience with a qualified professional.

The question job seekers should be asking is, “Is that resume writer for real?” Of course, it’s not really that simple but it’s critical when hiring any service provider in any industry to not just make a purchase decision based on what is seen on a website.

The reason? Laura DeCarlo, President of the global association of resume writers and career coaches, Career Directors International (CDI), states, “Resume writing as a profession is regulated only by professional associations, which each has their own standards and varying set of rules and criteria. Unfortunately, membership in any association is not even mandatory in the industry. Anyone can call themselves a resume writer, making it possible for a job seeker to be misled by a great website. But, fortunately, CDI has established certain criteria that job seekers can use to ensure they have a positive experience with a truly qualified professional.”

Some of these criteria include:

1. Make sure the resume writer has a verifiable resume writing certification from a real professional association.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to list fake credentials or to claim they have earned a credential when they haven’t. Always visit the granting association’s website to verify the credential exists and the resume writer has earned it.

2. Verify that the resume certification requires continuing education.

If it does not, seek proof that this company’s staff is pursuing training such as attendance at industry conferences, publication in resume books, or winning of TORI resume writing awards.

3. Look for those who are currently demonstrating proof of being actively engaged in the profession.

Make sure the company or writer is up-to-date. Look for current blogs, TORI resume writing awards, multiple certifications, and/or authorship of books or articles.

4. Verify client testimonials found on a website.

Remember, just because it is on the web doesn’t make it true. Job seekers should not be afraid to ask for a few past clients to speak with about their experience, or check the writer’s LinkedIn profile for endorsements from clients.

Testimonials are not a deal-breaker as the sensitivity and confidentiality of career services can make this a difficult area, but do consider this a potential concern if the firm isn’t meeting recommended criteria in the other areas.

5. Know who is going to write the resume.

So, the company’s website says they have writers with ‘this certification’ and ‘that award’. That’s great if they assign an individual with those qualifications to the project. If it’s not clear exactly who will be assigned, be sure to find out and then go through the process of verifying the individual’s qualifications independently.

These are just a few of the ways a job seeker can vet a potential resume writer and gain confidence that they are hiring a qualified professional.

Much has changed and job seekers need to select a certified professional resume writer that has changed and grown along with the employment industry. For more information on selecting a qualified resume writer or career coach, visit CDI’s Job Seeker section. Further, Certified Advanced Resume Writers (CARW), Certified Master Resume Writers (CMRW), and Certified Resume Specialists (CRS+X) can also be identified using the Find a Career Pro function on the page. TORI resume award winners can also be viewed at

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