Workplace Weight Loss Incentives Encouraged by Bystrictin

Bystrictin encourages business owners to motivate employees to improve overall wellbeing through weight loss.

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New York, New York (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

The makers of Bystrictin, a natural weight loss product that creates the similar effects as gastric bypass surgery without the invasive procedure and recovery period, are continually encouraging individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles. Weight loss is an integral aspect of such a lifestyle for many individuals, and the professionals associated with this supplement urge people who are carrying extra weight to implement the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their health and shed excess pounds. Here, the makers of the supplement encourage business owners to adopt weight loss incentive programs to motivate employees to become healthier.

An article posted by FOX News sheds light on the fact that an increasing number of businesses are creating new programs to keep their employees motivated about weight loss and healthier lifestyles: "An estimated 58 percent of large employers are using financial incentives to encourage their employees to participate in healthy lifestyle activities in an attempt to decrease the incidence (and cost) of chronic disease. This approach may become more widespread in the next few years, thanks to ObamaCare, which allows employers to use a greater proportion of insurance premiums for incentives."

Ultimately, the purpose of these programs from the business angle is to reduce the healthcare costs accrued by professionals regarding preventative conditions. The idea goes as follows: if individuals live healthier lifestyles they will incur fewer medical costs, which will in turn result in lower insurance premiums and cost savings on behalf of the company. But the professionals at Bystrictin argue that healthier employees often lead to happier employees—which can in turn create a higher degree of productivity and a more positive work environment.

"Anyone who has made positive lifestyle changes in their lives, such as diet and exercise efforts that lead to weight loss, can understand how these changes can create a positive impact on other aspects of an individual," asserts a professional from the weight loss supplement brand. "When employers sponsor weight loss and healthy living incentives, they are establishing an opportunity whereby employees can create such positive lifestyle changes. But this is doing more than making this opportunity available—this is allowing companies to show that they value their employees and that they are willing to create a corporate culture that is dedicated to healthy living. Because weight loss is a lifestyle change, not just an activity, this culture is extremely important in supporting long-term fitness goals."

The makers of Bystrictin applaud the efforts of organizations to support healthier lifestyles among their employees and urge business owners to consider setting up such programs if they are not already in place.


A natural product, Bystrictin creates similar effects of gastric bypass without requiring individuals to undergo surgical procedures, resulting in the ability to eat less and lose weight without having to pay for surgery or undergo the painful recovery process associated with invasive procedures. Designed with a mixture of special soluble fibers, the product absorbs water to create a gel that blocks part of the stomach, leaving less space for food. As a result, individuals who use this product feel full after eating less, making calorie reduction easier.


  • James Yesters
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