According to Brian Krupa, Finding Childcare on Vacation is Easier Than Ever

Brian Krupa, a father of four who works at Marriot Vacations Worldwide, supports the advice provided in a new article on finding childcare while on vacation.

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Hilton Head, South Carolina (PRWEB) May 06, 2013

Brian Krupa knows that many travelers hope to get some quiet time without children present during their vacation. However, families often worry about finding childcare on a trip to an unfamiliar place. Brian is issuing comment on a new article that details how to go about finding a reliable babysitter during a getaway.

Many hotels and resorts have begun to offer access to babysitters, day care, and kids clubs. These options provide entertainment for young travelers, but also let parents enjoy some time off. Cindy Richards, editor-in-chief of comments on this, stating, “When you’re traveling with little ones, research the babysitting services offered through the resort. The extra time it gives you as a couple will more than make up for the extra time you spend researching.”

Even for quick babysitting stints, parents should still make sure that they gather plenty of information about the individuals who will be responsible for their children during that time. Inquire about where the hotel finds these babysitters, how they interview them, and what types of background checks they do before hiring the professionals. Find out if children stay in a childcare facility, in the hotel room, or in another spot on the grounds. Some parents find it comforting to conduct their own interview of the childcare professional, while touring the facilities to ensure that they are appropriate for their kids.

Brian Krupa comments on this, stating, “Hotel babysitting services can be a great way for parents to get some time off. However, due diligence is necessary to ensure that these facilities are a safe place for kids to spend a few hours. Talking with the childcare providers and touring the facilities provides insight into the type of services that will be offered there. If the babysitter seems immature or distracted, or the facilities are dirty, skip this option.”

Childcare services on cruises are also becoming more popular. The Disney Cruise Line is known for offering plenty of options for children of all ages, from young kids to teenagers. Parents should keep in mind that some ships have minimum traveling ages.

For extra-cautious parents, bringing a nanny along is sometimes the most comforting option. Parents can pay this individual extra cash to join in on the family vacation; some opt to offer up a lump sum for the entire trip. This ensures that boys and girls are well cared for by a trusted professional whom they know already. While convenient, paying for an additional traveler’s food, lodging, and expenses can become pricy.

Krupa suggests finding a personal babysitter as another option. He states, “For those who don’t want to have to pay to bring the nanny along, but are uncomfortable with relying on a hotel’s choice, finding a babysitter at the destination is often a popular option. This saves money on airfare and lodging, but still gives parents some time to relax kid-free.” Brian Krupa advises parents to make the job requirements very clear when conducting a search.


Brian Krupa currently works as a sales executive at Marriot Vacations Worldwide, which is located in Hilton Head, South Carolina. A proud father of four, Brian enjoys spending time with his kids, golfing, fishing, running, and enjoying the local music scene.


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